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by Lee

Once a year, and only once a year, the Men’s Warehouse has a sale.  And once a year Jim and I dress up like dirty whores and beg you to give us free money.  Yes, it’s the Third Annual “Pay For The Server” Fund Drive.  Things are pretty bad this year.  As you can see from this picture of Jim and me, we really need the help.


Yes, that’s me on the left and Jim on the right.  You can see how desperate we are.  Jim has lost so much weight he can actually see his dick!  It’s an absolutely terrible situation, something that no child or overweight adult should ever have to go through.

How can you help?  First off, stop giving money to charity.  You’ll never get anything in return from giving money to African kids.  Instead, give that money to us.  You’ll be supporting a number of blogs, including Right-Thinking, Right Thoughts, MOOREWATCH, and The Starkcast.  That’s value for money! 

How much are we looking for?  Well, whatever you feel like giving.  Every little bit helps.  Five bucks, ten bucks, or a thousand, it’s all good.  It all adds up in the end.

You might not agree with me all the time, or any of the time.  That’s cool.  But you have to admit that I’m honest, I’m consistent, I speak my mind, and I give you a forum to respond and speak your own mind in return.  That’s gotta be worth the cost of a pizza, right?  Come on, don’t be a cheap bastard.  There are two ways you can give, through PayPal or Amazon.

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Now, as usual, nothing is required or expected.  This site is free and will always remain so.  But getting a decent server isn’t cheap, and our hosting company rocks.  Between this site and MOOREWATCH we get attacked by so many hackers it isn’t even funny, and these guys are on the case 24 hours a day.  They rule, but that comes at a price.

No pressure, just do whatever you think is right.  But, if you don’t give anything, may your genitalia rot off and fall in the toilet.

Posted by Lee on 01/22/06 at 11:57 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by Aaron - Free Will on 01/23/06 at 01:45 AM from United States

...What did you do with the *last* bunch of money I gave you, or did your new Porsche, er, uh, server, get “struck by lightning” again? Heh.

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 01/23/06 at 03:22 AM from United States

See what happens when you spend all your money on booze? : )

Posted by on 01/23/06 at 07:38 AM from United States


I’d give if you’d actually dress up like a dirty whore, not a photoshop of a hobo.

Posted by on 01/23/06 at 10:20 AM from United States

I just sent you 5 bucks...and I won’t compare your druken posts to the ramblings of a closet pedophile anymore either.  <flashed big puppy dog eyes and quivers lower lip>

Posted by Drumwaster on 01/23/06 at 10:35 AM from United States

I just dropped almost a thousand bucks on ongoing edumacation/certification (I have to go down this week and get fingerprinted for a DoJ/FBI background check - which costs almost $70, just to find out that I already HAD an exhaustive background check for my military clearance), so if you can wait a few weeks, I’ll send what I can.

Posted by on 01/23/06 at 11:24 AM from United States

Actually, they have two sales a year, or at least they used to.

Posted by Ed Kline on 01/23/06 at 02:24 PM from United States


Posted by on 01/23/06 at 02:27 PM from United Kingdom

Done as well, while I often disagree with you - I appreciate being able to read your point of view and the effort you put into it.

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