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The ACLU and Terry Jones

This is interesting ... but thankfully not surprising:

The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan has weighed in on the Terry Jones saga, filing a brief supporting the controversial pastor’s right to protest this afternoon in front of a mosque.

In the eight-page brief to the 19th District Court, the ACLU argued that efforts to make Jones pay a peace bond to protest outside the Islamic Center of America constitute prior restraint of his rights to free speech and assembly.


But prosecutors argued in court today that Jones’ protest could compromise public safety because the Ford Road mosque is located in a heavily trafficked area near churches, a senior center and schools. Police also argued that Jones — who has burned a Quran — has had threats against his life.

The city has said Jones can move the protest to other “free speech zones” elsewhere in the city or pay a peace bond — as much as $100,000 — to cover police costs if he demonstrates at the mosque. He refused, setting up today’s court battle.

It’s fairly obvious to me: Terry Jones is a piece of shit; even a piece has First Amendment Rights.

The courts have been fairly clear on this: people can not be charged a fee for police protection because their speech might provoke violence. This is why everyone from the KKK to the Illinois Nazis gets to have their say.  The First Amendment does not protect you from the consequences of your speech.  If Terry Jones starts a riot or blocks traffic or something, he can be punished.  But he’s an American.  He gets to say whatever he wants.  And good on the ACLU for standing with this vile creep.  I just suggest they take a shower afterward.

Posted by Hal_10000 on 04/25/11 at 05:41 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 04/25/11 at 08:50 PM from United States

Hal, I realize that this was a hastily written post, but once you digest exactly what happened here, you will (or should) be much more incensed.

Jones was arrested, not for anything that he did or anything that he said, he was arrested because he wanted to stage a protest against radical Islam (which he did not hold btw) and the community was so worried that the local Muslims would go ape shit and murder people, so they arrested him. Can you imagine, he was thrown in jail for planning a protest, that was it. So what was the jury tasked to determine? Whether Jones’ intent was peaceful or whether it was to incite violence, not whether he broke any laws, but guilt or innocence would rest totally on whether they (the jury) thought that the local Muslims would be able to control themselves. Answer? No they could not act like civilized humans, so let’s just jail Jones instead. Even the judge, embarrassed by such a travesty of justice attempted to mitigate by fining Jones one dollar, which he refused to pay, good for him.

The ACLU does not need to be applauded for them stepping in, first amendment proponents nation wide will be lining up to grab a piece of this.

The prosecution reasoned that Jones might say something that would anger hair trigger Muslim maniacs into violence, so he was arrested prior to the protest to appease the whining cry babies and stop bloody jihad, what a sad day for America.

People in the past have been charged with inciting violence after the fact, after the protest, and only when the speaker incited his own side, in this case he was arrested because of what the other side is capable of. The state, in utter panic of what those whacky Muslims might do, shut him down before the protest, and let the thin skinned nature of a specific religious community run rough shod over the Constitution.

I just suggest they take a shower afterward.

I’ll save that for real creeps like Phelps. This guy is insensitive and mistaken in his beliefs, burning the Koran was just dumb, but certainly not worth killing people over. Sadly Jones, who got his 15 minutes and needed to disappear, will now be forever linked as some first amendment champion, what a pity.

Posted by on 04/26/11 at 05:28 AM from Germany


I just want to hear it:  Was Andres Serrano (sp?) a piece of shit, too?  Also, I’m pretty sure that the wacky reverend from CA didn’t receive NEA funds or similar to do his “permormance art”.

Posted by on 04/26/11 at 06:47 AM from United States

NotNeoConMan - Was Andres Serrano a piece of shit, too?

No he was a piece of piss - bad da dum dum!

Seriously, this is actually par for the course for the ACLU.  The talking heads go after the ACLU when they protest religion (of some aspect) in schools, usually when its a Christian defendent.  Yet those same talking blowhards (conveniently) leave out all the instances of the ACLU supporting and defending Christians and their right to practice (do a google search of ACLU defending Christians for the information). 

In regards to religion, the ACLU is much more consistent in their defense (and their record shows this) than the Rush’s and Hannity’s lead you to believe.  They dont favor (just) Christian causes, and dont seem to favor any other sky pixie belief as well.

If only the ACLU was as consistent in their defense of our other rights (think 2nd)

Posted by Hal_10000 on 04/26/11 at 07:02 AM from United States

Agreed sahrab.

Andres Serrano is a piece of crap.  I object to funding his work but not its existence.  Of course, you’ll notice his “art” was destroyed in that bastion of tolerance, France, not the US.

Posted by on 04/26/11 at 07:53 AM from United States

Hall_10000 - bastion of tolerance, France

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Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

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