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500 Rapes
by Lee

Not satisfied with letting UN workers get in on all the rape and child molestation, Medecins Sans Frontieres takes advantage of the Sudanese.

Sudan arrested the local head of an international aid agency on Monday over a report on hundreds of rapes in Darfur in the first such action against a top relief worker since a rebellion in the area began in 2003.

Paul Foreman, the country head of the Dutch branch of aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), told Reuters he had been arrested but was being freed on bail.

MSF Holland expressed outrage at the arrest.

Sudan’s attorney-general, Mohamed Farid, told Reuters authorities had opened a criminal case over MSF Holland’s report in March detailing 500 rapes over 4-1/2 months in Darfur. He said the report was false.

The MSF Holland report said its doctors working in Sudan’s western Darfur area, where tens of thousands have been killed and more than 2 million forced from their homes, had medical evidence of the rapes in the western Sudanese region.

Of course, you won’t hear any righteous indignation coming from Amnesty International or any of the other European human rights groups.  No, rapes and molestations by UN and humanitarian groups are no big deal.  But wherever US troops make Arabs put underwear on their heads, and (allegedly) flush Korans, you’ll hear cries of “Gulag!”

Update: Okay, I’m retarded.  I read the article wrong.  I mistakenly thought that Foreman had been arrested for his participation in a number of rapes.  Given the penchant that UN forces and workers have for taking part in such activities, it wasn’t too much of a stretch for me to believe that MSF workers were doing it as well.  Apologies.

Posted by Lee on 05/31/05 at 03:30 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by mikeguas on 05/31/05 at 04:48 AM from United States

In New York, Jan Egeland, the U.N. undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs, expressed concern about Foreman’s arrest and urged Sudanese authorities to drop the charges immediately.

Can this guy ever say or do anything that doesn’t make him look like a complete asshole?

Posted by on 05/31/05 at 05:16 AM from Europe

Medecins Sans Frontieres takes advantage of the Sudanese.

What the fuck are you on about?  Foreman was arrested for exposing the crimes of the Sudanese pro-government militia - do you really want to side with the rapists on this issue?

Posted by mikeguas on 05/31/05 at 05:41 AM from United States

What the fuck are you on about?

I can only speak for my comment, and I read the article wrong or not enough. It appears Paul Foreman was arrested for reporting the rapes. I would like to go on record as retracting my statement, although I still don’t like Jan Egeland.

Posted by on 05/31/05 at 08:17 AM from United States

But, but.... bloggers have no fact checking… and.. and… they never retract mistakes!
do you mean to tell me that the MSM lied again?

Posted by on 05/31/05 at 09:21 AM from Canada

When I first read it I thought, “How can 1 guy rape 500 women in 4.5 months?”

Btw, this is proof that Lee can print retractions and own up to mistakes, like he has done in the past.  You’d just better be right and polite when you bring it to his attention.

Also, this does prove how a little sleight of word in article writing can completely change the meaning of the article. 

When you read the first page quickly it’s easy to get the impression that the doctor did it.

Posted by Tj on 05/31/05 at 09:52 AM from United States

On first read, I thought the doctor did it too.

Posted by on 05/31/05 at 09:54 AM from United States

Eh Lee gets it right so often we can forgive him every now and then…

Posted by Aaron - Free Will on 05/31/05 at 10:31 AM from United States

You know, there was something similar that happened before where MSF was screeching up a blue streak about how the janjaweed were being terribly impolite by attacking them. Do these people think this is some kind of damn game?

*Bring guns.*

Posted by on 05/31/05 at 10:33 AM from United States

If someone rapes 500 women in 4.5 months he deserves some kind of medal.  Life in prison as well of course.  Hello Guinness book of world records?

Posted by on 05/31/05 at 12:28 PM from Canada

Okay, I’m retarded.

WTF.  Lee I thought you were a poopyhead?

Posted by Kilroy on 05/31/05 at 01:37 PM from United States

Update: Okay, I’m retarded.

I don’t know why you decided to update that.  We already new it.

Posted by on 05/31/05 at 04:33 PM from United States

Given the penchant that UN forces and workers have for taking part in such activities, it wasn’t too much of a stretch for me to believe that MSF workers were doing it as well.

Yeah… totally limited to UN forces and workers. US Marines and GIs have never done this, either has International Red Cross. The US doesn’t have a thriving child-sex tourism industry to Thailand and Cambodia. The UN is the *only* organization *ever* to have rapists in their ranks…

In other words: As long as I wear my conversative-colored glasses, everything looks just as I would expect and my fragile worldview is not shattered by those pesky facts and figures.

But it’s well known that Lee is king of taking one single incident and using it to bludgeon his point home. Kinda how pharma companies only tell us of the one clinical study that says their drug makes your dick hard with no side effects, while ignoring the five that say your cock turns black and falls off three days after you take a pill.

But the dittoheads have never been good with shades of grey, so I understand why it has to be done this way.

Posted by Aaron - Free Will on 05/31/05 at 05:10 PM from United States

"one single incident”? hazehead, the UN has admitted that every peacekeeping mission the organization runs is plagued by child prostitution and sex slavery, forcing women to perform in exchange for food rations in Africa, it goes on and on. In countries like Cambodia, UN peacekeepers are actually *the driving force* behind the practices, often organizing the prostitution rings themselves.

Yes, the UN is unique in this respect among western institutions, frankly even an oddity among third world institutions.

Posted by David W on 05/31/05 at 05:20 PM from United States

that’s what happens when you send predominately 3rd world militaries to police war-torn 3rd world regions with vulnerable populations and then give their organization a moral free pass. 

With an intrinsic perceived moral high ground, a lack of ethics, deficient oversight, and the opportunity, abuse is of course going to occur.  Hell, it happened after WW2: the Americans and their ‘Hershey bars’almost singlehandedly altered the genetic destiny of France.  If we Americans did it in the 40’s, what are corrupt 3rd world nations’ soldiers(not to mention the famously prolific Frenchmen) going to do today?

Posted by on 05/31/05 at 09:05 PM from United States

I don’t understand this, why are third-world countrymen inheirantly morally inferior to World powers?  To me, this seems retarded, and quite possibly the extention of “Wealthy People are better people” mindset that a capatalistic society fosters.

Posted by David W on 06/01/05 at 08:15 AM from United States

people from the third World are not morally inferior, but the cultures that supply a large part of UN peacekeeping missions (Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, et.al) have corruption very deeply ingrained in them.  If you were at all familiar with the third World I would think that you would readily agree.  But my larger point was that the UN’s affectation of moral superiority is particularly dangerous when its soldiers (and functionaries) come from areas where official corruption is just the way to get things done.  What did we expect would result?

Posted by on 06/01/05 at 08:46 AM from United States

I don’t understand this, why are third-world countrymen inheirantly morally inferior to World powers?

It has nothing to do with wealth but *culture* - the most barbaric, vicious, primitive cultures and customs (like it or not) are found in the third world.  Need examples?  Rape approved by tribal elders in Pakistan just because they bloody feel like it (though they often use some BS excuse like “revenge"), female genital mutilation, slavery and forced sodomy of young boys (i.e. what the Arabs do to blacks in the Sudan)...the list is so long I couldn’t even begin to compile it.  And in many cases, it’s the “evil white colonialists” who actually improve things for the victims (e.g. the British banning the brutal custom of “bride burning” in India).

I’m not saying the “first world” is perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative.  I’m of South Asian descent myself, and nothing repulses and frightens me more than the thought of where I currently live (Canada) becoming anything like the country where I could have been.  Thank God the Quebec courts here had the good sense to ban sharia (proof that not all French people are “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” :P )

Posted by on 06/01/05 at 04:26 PM from United States

I’m not defending bride burning, female genital mutilation, or anything like that.  But just because you had the bad luck to be born in a third-world country does not make you morally inferior.  There are people in these countries that are honestly trying to fix things, and you’re trying to say that giving them help is bad.  That’s fucked-up.

Posted by on 06/01/05 at 04:44 PM from United States

There are people in these countries that are honestly trying to fix things, and you’re trying to say that giving them help is bad.

Depends what kind of help.  If I could arm the civilian population of Darfur so they blow the Janjaweed to little bits and pieces, I would :-/ Humanitarian aid is useless if it can’t be delivered to those who need it, or if humanitarian workers themselves (as this article REALLY says) wind up being victims of the corrupt, evil persecutors themselves.

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