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A Bit Nepalese
by Lee

The Religion of Peace struck a deadly blow today against the Great Satan by executing 12 Nepalese workers.

A Web site linked to an Iraqi militant group showed a video of what was purported to be the killing of 12 Nepalese workers by militants who had kidnapped them.

The Nepalese Foreign Ministry said it could not confirm the report of the hostages’ deaths. The 12 had been reported kidnapped Aug. 20.

The video showed a masked man in desert camouflage apparently slitting the throat of a blindfolded man lying on the ground. The blindfolded man moans and a shrill wheeze is heard, then the masked man displays the head to the camera before resting it on the decapitated body.

Other footage showed a man firing single shots from an assault rifle at the back of the heads of 11 others. Blood seeps from their bodies on to the sand.

A statement on the Web site signed ``Ansar al-Sunna Army’’ vowed to keep fighting the Americans in Iraq.

``America today has used all its force, as well as the help of others, to fight Islam under the so-called war on terror, which is nothing but a vicious crusade against Muslims,’’ the statement said.

At the end of the four-minute video, a man reads another statement off-camera, vowing to fight the Iraqi government.

``We will work on exterminating them until the last fighter,’’ he said.

See, it’s obvious to me now that the anti-war people have been right all along.  These people, who willingly kidnap, torture, and violently execute non-combatant civilians, obviously could have been dealt with through diplomacy and negotiation.

We’re in a war, folks.  It was declared on us, the only way to win it is to kill every last one of these motherfuckers.

Posted by Lee on 08/31/04 at 08:22 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


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