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A Cut Above
by Lee

The Religion of Peace™ strikes again.

A strict Kurdish Muslim who slit his daughter’s throat after she started seeing a Christian boy has been jailed for life.

Abdalla Yones, 48, tried to commit suicide after murdering 16-year-old Heshu and pleaded with the Old Bailey to pass a death sentence on him.

Heshu was beaten for months before the “honour killing” and had planned to run away from home, begging her father to leave her alone.

The court heard Yones was “disgusted and distressed” by her relationship with an 18-year-old Lebanese student and launched a frenzied attack at their family home in Acton, west London.

Heshu was stabbed 11 times and bled to death from her throat being cut.

Sentencing Yones, Judge Neil Denison said: “This is, on any view, a tragic story arising out of irreconcilable cultural differences between traditional Kurdish values and the values of western society.”

The guy should have chosen to emigrate to Texas rather than England, they would have gladly executed him.

Posted by Lee on 09/29/03 at 10:11 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


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