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A Reader on Moore
by Lee

A left-wing reader named leftbanker left the following comment after the post Give Thanks for Mikey.  Unlike most of the lefties who leave comments here leftbanker seems to actually have a brain in his head, so I thought I’d put my response in its own post.

Moore is the strongest liberal voice in this nation.

Which is one of the truly scary things about the left.  With someone like Christopher Hitchens brilliantly bringing light to the left wing viewpoint, the fact that a slovenly polemicist like Moore gets so much publicity is truly disconcerting.  He is a dangerous individual not because of the strength of his argument, but because he has a weak, factually deficient argument (to put it politely) which he skillfully portrays with utter conviction.

I realize that for the folks on the Right it is a little disconcerting for people to ask questions and not offer up simple solutions.

I realize that for the folks on the left it must be disconcerting to realize that for many problems there are remarkably simple solutions.  This is disconcerting because liberalism is built upon a foundation of self-congratulation.  The left likes complicated solutions which it can then point to as evidence of the left’s inherent goodness.  Simple solutions deny them the right to revel in their own sense of moral superiority.

Before we come up with answers we need to ask the right questions.

I totally agree.  My first question is “How the hell can anyone take Michael Moore seriously?”

In my opinion Moore asks the right questions.

That is because he is asking leading questions, and you like the direction his questions lead.  Moore distorts the truth at best, and more accurately lies his ass off.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time documenting these warps of reality.  Go to the search section field on the right side of the main page of this blog and search for moore.  You’ll see every post I’ve written about the man, plus links to numerous other sites debunking his claims.  I looked over your blog, you seem to be a cut above most of the left-wing numb nuts who visit this site.  If you’re interested in an honest critique of Moore and his message, this is a good place to start.

Doubt is not a weakness, it is a virtue.

It depends on what is motivating the doubt, doesn’t it?

Socrates was executed for asking questions and not providing answers. Moore is the closest thing we have to a Socrates.

ReallY?  I’ve always considered him more of a Boss Hogg, perhaps a Cooter.

Go see his wonderfully funny and thought-provoking movie.

I’ve seen it.  Here’s my review.

Let’s start asking questions about our violent society.

I agree.  Here’s my first question:  “Why does Michael Moore make a film about our violent society when all available statistics show that America is much less violent than many other countries, including Canada, Australia, and England?”

You challenge me to watch Moore’s film.  I did.  Now, I challenge you to read the articles I have written about Moore.  Follow the links they contain, and learn just what an unrelable, lying blowhard the man actually is.

Posted by Lee on 11/29/02 at 09:48 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


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