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A Salute
by Lee

On the day of the Iraqi election, we here at Right-Thinking from the Left Coast have a special message for all the nay-saying lefties who said this could never happen.  To the Michael Moores and John Kerrys and Ted Kennedys of the world, who will view this momentous occasion through the bitter prism of their own partisan hatred.  It is in honor of those brave Iraqi citizens, and on their behalf, that I send this message out to everyone who would rather have Iraq living in slavery.


Update: For those of you who might not get the joke, in Iraq the election officials have been staining the index finger of people who have voted to try and prevent voter fraud.  You can see the original wire service image here.

Posted by Lee on 01/31/05 at 01:59 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


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