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ACORN news

By now you surely have heard that ACRON is suing the Federal government. They are doing so because they are mad that the feds took away all of its slush funds after their shady dealings and practices were exposed. What about the fact that Jerry Brown was caught admitting that his office’s investigations of ACORN in CA was nothing but a big sham with a forgone conclusion of ACORN’s innocence? The fact is that ACORN is under investigation even by the Feds, and in plenty of other states. What do you mean you have not heard any of this? Why would the MSM ignore such a huge story? This stuff permeates every branch of the current bunch running the country.

I know you know why. I was just making a point again that we are being manipulated for real by a complicit media. Remember the good old days when we were told the Bush government was misinforming us and how hard the MSM members worked at finding proof of that? These same tools are now doing their best to ignore the real and criminal activities of the democrats and their allies. They are even apologizing and covering for the WH which is neck deep in this cesspool. Heck, Obama got elected by the efforts to rig the electoral process, many of them criminal, by ACORN. And with the current record by either the MSM or the donkey controlled Feds of dismissing things that are harmful to the left’s agenda, one has to wonder if these investigations will be as thorough as those in the MSM - the MSM continues to ignore this story, the connection of ACORN to SEIU, and to the democrats all the way up into the WH which has decided it no longer needs to disclose its dealings with the unions – or are simply another bunch of sham investigations like that led by Jerry Brown in CA. Did I mention that even the damned donkeys are wondering about Brown?

Don’t take your eyes of what’s going on with ACORN people. We should not let the democrats save their criminal partners. Talk about silence when we are seeing some real culture of corruption…

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I seem to hear a lot of cricket noises here too.

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