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Bad Santa
by Lee

America, taking the Christ out of Christmas one firehouse at a time.

Firefighters in Glenview have been told to take down their indoor Christmas decorations after some residents complained that they were offended.

The decorations—which included lights, a Christmas tree and a Santa Claus—were inside Glenview’s Station No. 7, at 3507 Glenview Rd., in the firefighters’ main living area. Although the decorations were all inside, they were visible from the street if someone driving down Glenview Road peered into the windows.

“We need to serve all our residents and customers, and we had been receiving calls from citizens who were not happy seeing what they perceived to be Christmas or Christian decorations on a particular firehouse,” said Janet Spector Bishop, a spokeswoman for the village.

“We felt the fairest thing to do was to make sure that our public buildings remain neutral.”

Astounding, isn’t it, that the mere presence of religious iconography at Christmas is somehow deemed offensive.  I’m not Jewish, but I’m not “offended” when I see a minorah.  I eat Indian and Thai food all the time, in restaurants filled with Buddhist and Hindu imagery, and somehow I am not horrified or scarred for life.

This has much less to do with being offended, my friends, and is more about an all-out assault by the PC left against anything to do with Christianity.  I’m not an overly religious man, but I do recognize that Christmas, despite all the attempts to secularize it, is a Christian holiday, and should be treated as such.  Americans have a constitutional right to the free exercise of religion, and it’s about damn time we as a society started acting like it.

Posted by Lee on 12/22/03 at 04:07 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


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