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Body Count
by Lee

After making much of the fact that 79 soldiers died in Iraq in the past month, the media seems to be suddenly interested in publishing the Iraqi body count.

Fierce fighting between U.S. soldiers and Iraqi militants in Samarra Sunday left 46 rebels dead and at least 18 wounded.

Five U.S. soldiers and a civilian were injuring in the fighting sparked by rebel attacks on convoys in the city, the BBC reported.

Lt. Col. William MacDonald told reporters eight rebels were captured.

The rebels were wearing the uniforms of the pro-Saddam Hussein Fedayeen, MacDonald said.

The U.S. troops opened fire after a third convoy came under attack over a short period of time, he said. The attacks appeared to have been coordinated.

“We’re sending a clear message that anyone who attempts to attack our convoys will pay the price,” MacDonald said.

None of the American soldiers appeared to be seriously hurt, officials said.

This has been one of the biggest complaints about the war coverage so far.  The media are all too eager to say that one US solder was killed in an ambush, but they conveniently neglect to mention the 26 Iraqi militants who were killed immediately following the attack, thus giving the impression that the Iraqis are taking American lives with nothing being taken in return.  We killed 46 of those bastards in one attack, and it’s about time the American public started knowing that.  American lives are not being lost without significant payback, I assure you that.

Posted by Lee on 11/30/03 at 08:47 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


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