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Bowling for Credibility
by Lee

From, of all places, today’s San Francisco Chronicle.

MICHAEL MOORE, the polemic filmmaker who likes to wear his “progressive’’ politics on his plaid sleeves, has made a fortune from bashing doyens of corporate greed. But apparently the provocative Moore doesn’t mind the perks of celebrity—even when they bear the label of big-time corporate America.

Moore recently touched down in California as part of his national book tour. He’s traveling in style—in a private jet provided by Time Warner, and in SUVs courtesy of his publisher, Warner Books. The company also threw in some bodyguards—as we know from his movies, America is a pretty darn dangerous place.

For his part, Moore sees no contradiction between his private life and his public image, suggesting that the only reason he’s feeding at the corporate trough is because it’s there. “I would never pay for this,’’ Moore told the Los Angeles Times, adding that the irony is not lost on him.

When you make your living bashing malicious corporate CEOs, it’s best not to remind people that you’re using giant media companies to carry your message.

After all, the bottom line is all about profits, not prophets.

Let’s not forget that, for all his millions, this is a man that charged the families of Columbine victims to see a screening of Bowling for Columbine.  The man is simply despicable.

Posted by Lee on 10/31/03 at 12:02 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


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