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California: Doomed

California is facing an unprecedented budget crisis.  The taxpayers have been squeezed so much, they’ve got permanent fingermarks on their throats.  The Governator is doing almost everything he can to keep the state from going under, including three-day furloughs of state employees.

So what to do?  That’s right, call a strike:

California’s largest state employees’ union voted on Saturday to approve a strike authorization measure to protest furloughs of state workers and pressure state officials to ratify its labor contract.

A spokesman for Service Employees International Union Local 1000 said a strike was not imminent but that the vote authorized union officers to initiate certain job actions, including a strike if necessary.


Earlier this week, the Republican governor signed a bill that closed a more than $24 billion budget gap. Under the legislation, furloughs will continue for state workers for three days a month, cutting their pay by 15 percent.

“We feel that he (Schwarzenegger) really undermined any kind of a contract deal by pushing these furloughs on folks,” Zamora said.

The SEIU said the strike authorization was approved by 74 percent of its membership.

Sometimes, I get asked why I hate unions so much.  I don’t hate them per se, except in and of the way that I hate the groupthink and mindless loyalty they encourage.  What I hate is the intersection of labor and politics—or, more precisely, the utter subservience of the Democratic Party to Big Labor.

SEIU wouldn’t try to pull this crap if they didn’t know that the media, the pundits and the Democrats had their back.  You can guarantee that there will be news stories about poor government workers struggling with their pay cut (as there were during the 1995 shutdown of the Federal government).  There will be none about California workers’ wages rising at twice the rate of the private sector.  You can guarantee impassioned speeches on behalf of workers on the legislative floor; none for the poor taxpayers or the unemployed whose businesses have been destroyed or driven off by taxation.

And so it goes.

Posted by Hal_10000 on 08/03/09 at 05:55 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by AlexinCT on 08/03/09 at 07:17 AM from United States

When I read this yesterday I simply was baffled too Hal. Pampered unions want to strike, remove all doubt about their role in this crisis, and prove they are the biggest contributors to the problems in CA. Go freaking figure…

Posted by on 08/03/09 at 11:28 AM from United States

That’s what happens when they are completely insulated from reality.  Whatever happens to the state they know they are going to get paid, either by intimidating the state government to do their bidding, or calling up their buddy in the whitehouse and have him threaten to withhold the stimulus money again.

Just like the UAW, doesn’t matter if the system sustaining them goes broke and they fail to do their jobs in even the most basic way, at some point the feds will step in and help them out.

So why should they care what happens to California?  To take one right from the Union quote book: it’s not their problem.

Posted by Ed Kline on 08/03/09 at 12:05 PM from United States

Hal, you’re the best writer on here now.

Posted by HARLEY on 08/03/09 at 02:35 PM from United States

When California implodes, what will they do then?

Posted by on 08/03/09 at 03:05 PM from United States

Hal, you’re the best writer on here now.

I agree 100%. Ed.  Although I would add that there’s nothing temporally immediate about that fact—he’s been the backbone of this site since Lee stopped posting regularly over a year ago.  Through the lean times last summer and the hefty times after Lee passed away, Hal has been the most consistent writer.  I’m glad he decided to stay on board after Lee passed.

Posted by on 08/03/09 at 06:24 PM from United States

I’ll stand side by side with AlexinCT on anything he’s written so far.
Including AGW.Guess it’s that little bit of Yankee in me

Posted by Ed Kline on 08/04/09 at 08:46 AM from United States

AlexinCT has also written some very good posts as well.

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