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Give Thanks for Mikey
by Lee

What am I thankful for?  Good friends, being healthy, and Michael Moore crawling out from his hole and posting a new Mike’s Message.

Dear Friends,

Believe me, Mike, not everyone who reads your posts is your friend.

It is Thanksgiving 2002 and it would seem that there is little to give thanks for this year. W. has scored an unbelievable hat trick and is now the first Republican since Eisenhower to control the House, the Senate and the White House.

NO, NO, NO!!!!  Why is it so damn hard for the left to remember the election of 2000?  It was just two years ago that a Republican president had a Republican House and Senate.  (Contrary to Mike’s insinuations, Bush does not control the House and Senate.) It was only due to the defection of self-aggrandizing kingmaker Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords that the Democrats managed to wrest control of the Senate in the first place.

So, how often has this lie been repeated?  First we had the major media saying it during the last election.  Then Senator Christopher Dodd said it on Face the Nation.  And now, we have Mikey.  I wonder who the next leftie will be to spew this crap?  Thankfully the voters of this country remembered who they voted into office, because they re-voted them in the first opportunity they got.

There is no getting around just how damned demoralizing and depressing this is.

Music to my ears, Mikey.  I guess “Payback Tuesday” didn’t quite work out how you thought it would, huh?  Maybe you can call it “Bleeding from the Rectum Tuesday” from now on.

I wish there was a way to put a better face on what has transpired, but my well of optimism is just about dry. Bush has his “mandate” for war, his “mandate” for global frying, his “mandate” to turn our government into his own private corporation.

Yeah.  Sucks that he managed to get everything that the left demanded of him.  He proposes deposing Saddam, so the left tells him to discuss it with the people.  He does so and support for his plan grows, so the left tells him to take it to Congress.  Bush takes it to Congress and support grows there too, so the left tells him to take it to the UN.  After some negotiations Bush gets a unanimous vote from the Security Council on his resolution.  You can spin the election any way you like, Mikey, but the fact is that (a) you, the Democrats, and the rest of the left had its collective ass handed to it in the past election, and (b) it was largely because the people support the president on this aspect of his agenda.

God, it must be killing you to have to find excuses for your followers to explain away the fact that you just got the shit beat out of you by a bumbling, ignorant hick.


Only about 20% of the American people showed up three weeks ago to vote for a Republican. That’s it. Just 20%. And about 19% voted for a Democrat (an amazing number considering how few fights the Democrats put up around the country).

And 61% said, “To hell with all of them!” and refused to show up and vote.

So much for the “get out the vote” message from your last posting.  You know that one, Mike, it’s the one you pulled off your site like the fucking coward you are.  Besides, off-year elections are notorious for low voter turnout.  If I remember correctly there was higher than usual turnout this time, which shoots yet another one of your assertions all to hell.

I am not surprised this happened. My greatest fear after the 2000 election was that the majority of Americans would just give up and say, “Why bother?”

Come on, Mike.  Your greatest fear after the 2000 elections was that you’d have to walk up a flight of stairs to cast your vote in 2002.

If there was one message to the average American from Bush’s theft of the White House, it was this: “Not only doesn’t your vote count, but even if you do vote, we’re not going to count it!” I fear millions earlier this month saw the futility of exercising their right to govern when those who did the governing decided that the will of the people could be disposed of as easily as a drunk driving citation on a Kennebunkport back road.

Actually, the message that most of America got from the 2000 elections was that Democrats will do anything to win, including staging an attempted coup to overthrow the electoral process.  They rectified that situation by throwing the Democrats out in droves in 2002.  Besides, somehow I doubt you’d be pissing and moaning about voter turnout had things gone your way.  You’d be crowing about “Payback Tuesday” and how the people had spoken, but things just didn’t work out that way.  Tell me, how much cake frosting did you eat while hold up in your Manhattan penthouse watching Dr. Phil and blubbering like a schoolgirl, trying to come to terms with the staggering defeat?

Even worse, African Americans, whose right to vote was the most egregiously violated…

There we go!  Whenever a leftie finds himself hopelessly painted into a corner he’ll pull the race card out of his sleeve.  Thanks for not disappointing.  It’s nice to know that you’re working hard to perpetuate your own stereotype.

...(and who usually are the first to stand and fight injustice), seem to have given up. Betrayed, forgotten and taken for granted by the Democrats,…

As compared to the usual way that blacks are tokenized, neglected, and puppeteered by the Democrats?

...black voters saw no reason to revolt in 2000-and little reason to show up in 2002. They got the message loud and clear: “This is White America-we call the shots, we run this place, so shut the f*** up and stay home. The polls have closed for you.”

Look, Mike.  It’s a shame that the Democrats were forced to focus on an actual issue.  If things had been as they usually are they would have spent all their time and money painting the GOP as racist, and proposed a whole slew of social programs that would be aimed primarily at buying the black vote.

Of course, those in charge are thrilled that 61% of the country has given up. That’s right where they want us-out of the way!

And if you and your ilk are too stupid or lazy to get off your asses and vote then that’s exactly where you belong.

And it is for that reason alone why we must not now throw in the towel. If we sink into a collective state of despair, disgust and disinterest, we are truly doomed.

Try Prozac.

Bush & Company (and this includes the Democrats) are all-too-happy to be left alone to run amok in the candy store. And, in the end, here is what we’ll be left with: billions of impoverished people around the world hoping for a chance to kill you and me someday!

Not if we kill them first.  Stay tuned.

Ok, so what do we do? Perhaps the silver lining in all this is that Bush will actually think he has a “mandate” and pull such a big, stinking whopper that his re-installation in 2004 will be rendered impossible.

Or perhaps Bush will defeat Iraq, make other inroads in the war on terror, get the economy going upward again, and he’ll have a Reaganesqe reelection in 2004.  Here’s an idea, Mikey.  Predict that they’ll call election day 2004 “Payback Tuesday.” It worked so well for you last time. 

Or perhaps some prosecutor somewhere will have the guts to indict him for the insider trading he conducted while on the board of Harken Oil. Who knows. A lot can happen in 23 months.

Exactly.  Been to a cardiologist recently?

In the meantime, you, me, all of us, have to get together and come up with a plan that gets this country back in our hands. I have a few ideas. I’ll bet you do, too.

Unfortunately all of yours involve stealing elections.

Why don’t we have an online brainstorming session from now through the holidays? I’ll set up a thread on my forum at http://www.michaelmoore.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=30 for you to post your comments and to generate a discussion about what we do for 2004.

Yeah!  See if you can get your followers to put down their copies of Kapital, turn off the Phish CD, set down the bong, and put two cogent thoughts together.

Or, if you want to send me your thoughts directly, email me at 2004@michaelmoore.com I’ve just learned the site is getting over 2 million hits a day. Right now, 2,000,000 heads certainly feel better than one.

Misery loves company, doesn’t it Mikey?  Let’s think of your site as just one big group therapy session for disaffected left wing losers.  Someone call Oprah.

Pass the turkey.

Michael Moore

P.S. Thanks to all of you who continue to pack the theatres for “Bowling for Columbine.” It has now broken the all-time box office record for a documentary in America.

Well, if their was a category for “polemics” it would be more accurate.  The only thing Bowling for Columbine documents is your inordinate ability to lie and bend the truth to propagate your own beliefs.

I am not only grateful for this, but I am thrilled that it has ignited a national discussion about guns, violence, the NRA, racism, why the Canadians don’t lock their doors, and the insane preparation for an expanded war in Iraq.

It’s also ignited the blogpsphere to provide proof that all your assertions are complete shit.  Here’s my contributions.  You can find more over at Rachel Lucas.  Not only is she more articulate than me, but she’s smarter and smells better.

I am now getting reports of people around the country trying to get stores in their towns to ban the sale of bullets.

Well as long as they don’t ban pork rinds and jelly donuts you should manage to survive.

The NRA candidates lost the race for Governor in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Illinois (three hunting states).

Unfortunately almost all NRA candidates won just about everywhere else.  But hey Mike, telling half the story is what you do best.  It allows people who aren’t used to thinking for themselves to believe your bullshit.

The film continues to set box office records in the UK, France and elsewhere.

And anti-Semitism is growing at leaps and bounds there too.  I wonder if there’s a connection?

And, next week, “Stupid White Men” begins its 10th month on the best-seller list.

Which I guess has nothing to do with the efforts of the “major media” that you decry so much.

Thank you all so much. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

No Mike, thank YOU.  You’ve made my Thanksgiving weekend just that much more enjoyable.

Posted by Lee on 11/28/02 at 01:28 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


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