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Golden Drumsticks 2008

It can’t all be cynicism on the blog.  Just like last year, I’ll give out some awards to the people I think have represented the best in our nation.

The United State Military, David Petraeus and Robert Gates: The surge continues to work.  I don’t know if the center can hold once we leave.  But the fact that we can now seriously talk about leaving Iraq without our tail between our legs is miraculous.  If there were any justice, Petraeus would win a Nobel Peace Prize.

Jeff Flake: The congressman from Arizona is one of the few true voices of conservatism left in the national party.

Ron Paul: He turned out not to be a legitimate Presidential candidate, partly because of some bad past associations.  But the enthusiasm he stirred up among conservatives and libertarians was very real.  I’m hoping someone can follow in his footsteps and lead the party out of the darkness.

The Republican Governors: Take your pick.  Mitch Daniels of Indiana, Rick Perry of Texas, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana (exorcisms not withstanding), Mark Sanford of South Carolina.  These guys are a breath of fresh air—conservative competent leaders who won even as the national party went down in flames.  They are the future of the GOP.

Barack Obama: Yes, he may still turn out to be the most liberal President since Lyndon Johnson.  I find the excitement about his Presidency, which, technically speaking, has not even started, to be bizarre.  But he took on two of the biggest political machines in America and won.  He kept his cool and his early cabinet appointments are solid.  I have to acknowledge what he has accomplished even as I prepare to oppose him with every word I can muster.

Honorable Mention: Mike Steele, Bjorn Lonborg, McCain when he wasn’t running for President, Nicolas Sarkozy and the Supreme Court.

Have a happy thanksgiving, everyone.  For all the chaos of financial markets, wars and elections, there has still never been a better time to be alive than today.  We are healthier, wealthier and happier than any generation before us.  We have a lot to be thankful for.

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