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Green Death
by Lee

Number of coral reefs destroyed by me: Zero.  Number of coral reefs destroyed by Greenpeace

GREENPEACE is to be fined after its flagship Rainbow Warrior II damaged a coral reef in the central Philippines during a climate change awareness campaign.

The ship and its crew were assessed a 640,000-peso ($15,000) fine after the 55m motor-assisted schooner ran aground at the Tubbataha Reef Marine Park yesterday, park manager Angelique Songco said.

The ship’s bow sliced through a reef formation measuring 160sq m, she said.

A Greenpeace official in the Philippines described the incident as accidental, and said it would comply with the marine park authorities’ ruling.

In response, Mobil/Exxon has sent one of its offshore oil platforms to the Philippine coast to promote an Environmentalist Lunatic awareness program.

Posted by Lee on 10/31/05 at 10:41 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by mikeguas on 10/31/05 at 11:55 PM from United States

Hazelwood is working for Greenpeace now I guess. Greenpeace got a big break on the fine. I couldn’t imagine anyone else getting off so light.

Mr Constantino said that Greenpeace divers on the Tubbataha expedition had found that healthy coral and no evidence of bleaching, believed to be caused by warming sea temperatures.

After finding the health coral they proceeded to beat the shit out of it with their boat. Nice.

Posted by HARLEY on 10/31/05 at 11:57 PM from United States

This ranks up there with PETA getting cited for cruelty to animals for killing and starving a large number of dogs.

Posted by on 11/01/05 at 12:40 AM from United States

After finding the health coral they proceeded to beat the shit out of it with their boat. Nice.

Well, they had to find something wrong didn’t they?

Posted by Drkage2 on 11/01/05 at 10:10 AM from Europe

Greenpeace is becoming more conservative each day - from the wanton destruction of coral reefs to the uncovering of eggregious corporate oil subsidies like the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Apparently this assistance program pays 4 over million US freeloaders $275 million/year to burn oil and contribute to global warming.

Posted by on 11/01/05 at 11:06 AM from United States

Just fifteen thousand lousy bucks?

A cool quarter mil would have been a good number.

Posted by on 11/01/05 at 11:11 AM from United States

Environmentalists are some of the worst offenders of the environment. They drive around in old, poorly maintained vehicles, print out reams of paper flyers, crash into reefs and run over whales.

Posted by on 11/01/05 at 11:42 AM from United States

He said the healthy state of the Tubbataha Reefs did not disprove the theory of global warming, which he described as an “extremely complicated science”.

The reef was too healthy, that’s why they damaged it.  Nothing like refuting one’s pet theory with troublesome facts.

Posted by on 11/01/05 at 12:20 PM from United States

Greenpeace is mucking up one of my dive sites?

Always knew they were evil.....

Posted by on 11/01/05 at 04:47 PM from United States

Lee!  You KNOW what the answer is!  Just because you don’t “perceive” that you damaged a coral reef doesn’t mean you didn’t!

The exhaust from your car.  The petroleum products used in the containers you buy things in.  Burrito pharts! 

Lee.  You’re guilty.  As are all of us.  Bow your head and load your S&W;.  It’s going to be a long fight.

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