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Grumbles From Down Under

My trip here got off to an inauspicious start.  First there was the toe stub that broke the nail on my big toe and had me on my knees in the airplane pulling shards of nail from the bed.  Then there was the computer thing.  I was bringing a new macbook for my in-laws. I also had my laptop and my wife’s laptop in the same bag since (a) our laptops have highly specialized scientific software installed so we can’t leave home without them; (b) Quantas has gotten weird about making sure carry-on bags weigh less than 10 lbs but will happily ignore a laptop bag weighing 20 lbs.  Unfortunately, the bag I had them in was from a scientific conference.  That is, I put $7000 worth of computer equipment into something made by hippies.

The good news is that the in-laws’ computer is undamaged.  But my computer’s airport is dead and Sal 10000’s monitor is unreadable (busted inverter board, I’m guessing).  And since Aussie computer stores wouldn’t pass muster in Iraan, Texas, I can’t buy the specialized equipment I’d need to effect repairs.  So we have, basically, one usable computer for the next three weeks.  Ugh.  But at least Sal 11000 Beta slept for most of the flight out here—unlike her dad.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that I was “out at shops” today.  People who complain about the rising cost of food, gas and whatever in the States need to get some damned perspective.  The price of everything in Australia has shot up dramatically.  I know people who are seriously contemplating shopping trips to America just to take advantage of the low prices.

Granted, Aussies are a lot more import-dependent than we are and therefore more sensitive to world price fluctuations.  But I suspect a similar picture would be found around the world.  And one of the only benefits of a falling dollar is that it is creating a big incentive to buy American.

Posted by Hal_10000 on 05/30/08 at 12:43 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 05/30/08 at 10:39 AM from Japan

First there was the toe stub that broke the nail on my big toe and had me on my knees in the airplane pulling shards of nail from the bed.

You flew first class?

Posted by Hal_10000 on 05/30/08 at 12:24 PM from Australia

You flew first class?

Huh?  IF I could afford first class to Australia…

Posted by on 06/01/08 at 01:20 AM from Australia

Firstly, it’s Qantas :)

secondly, what are you looking for maybe I can point you in the right direction?

Posted by on 06/01/08 at 04:07 AM from Australia

The bed of the nail, stogy, not the sky-bed.

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