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Hate Mail
by Lee

Some numbnuts didn’t like my Sharon Stone post below.

Sharon Stone’s efforts will save human lives. Children who would otherwise die from maliaria will not, because they were given bed netting which their impoverished parents could not afford.  But you do not care about that.  Much too busy being a jerk. “Bed Netting” sounds so inane to the moronic, to the ill-informed.

You do not, will not, care about facts. 

Much easier to make moronic judgements about people doing whatever they can to relieve ANY suffering of which they become aware. And of course you have that cheering squad of registered comment suppliers.  Nary a disagreement among your bunch; like you, sophomoric, self important, self indulgent, judgemental, ungracious, uncaring, idiots. While you and your small minded, testosterone deficient buddies are busy masturbating over some barely post-pubescent would-be actress, Ms. Stone actually DOES SOMETHING TO RELIEVE SUFFERING. Actually makes herself useful. Actually participates in society. 

Since so many people have covered the DDT angle, I’ll just respond that Sharon Stone is a talentless skank.  The best thing she could ever do to relieve human suffering is stop making movies.

Posted by Lee on 01/29/05 at 03:21 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


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