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Here Come De Justice
by Lee

By now you have undoubtedly heard.

The Senate voted 58-42 on Tuesday to confirm Samuel Alito to the nation’s highest court, putting to bed the most partisan Supreme Court nomination battle in recent memory.

Only four Democrats joined 54 Republicans in support of Alito. Of the court’s present justices, only Clarence Thomas received a slimmer margin of victory, 52-48, but even then received the votes of 11 Democrats who broke party ranks.

“I’m concerned about his philosophy of the Constitution, his great effort of many years to expand presidential power at a time when there are real serious questions about the powers the president has,” said Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., who voted against Alito’s confirmation. Reed added that he feared Alito’s addition to the bench would mean more decisions restricting Congress’ power to legislate.

Alito replaces the court’s first woman justice, Sandra Day O’Connor, a moderate conservative and key swing vote on such high-profile issues as abortion, church-state separation and affirmative action. O’Connor has also in recent opinions demonstrated skepticism of President Bush’s executive power claims in prosecuting the War on Terror. Alito is widely expected to be friendlier to presidential power arguments.

The vast majority of Democrats, one Republican and the Senate’s lone Independent all protested Alito’s nomination for those very reasons. But a last-ditch effort to filibuster the nomination failed on Monday, when the Senate voted 72-25 to end debate and allow a simple majority vote.

You know what I find so entertaining about this whole thing?  This weak-ass argument that we hear from the left that Alito will change the ideological makeup of the court.  Well, DUH!  Of course he will, so what?  The last time I checked there was no constitutional requirement that the president appoint only people who have the identical ideological makeup of their predecessor.  I mean, oppose Alito on ideological grounds all you like, but to argue that he’ll vote differently than O’Connor is just an astonishingly ignorant and useless argument to make.

If the Democrats don’t like the makeup of the court under Republican administrations then the answer is very simple: win a few elections.

Posted by Lee on 01/31/06 at 10:47 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by Hal_10000 on 01/31/06 at 11:57 AM from United States

I don’t know if you saw this but Catocompared the appointment of Ginsburg and Alito.  Ginsburg replaced White—a very conseravtive judge.  But noe on complained abou this tilting the court.

Oh, that liberal media.

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 12:20 PM from United Kingdom

If the Democrats don’t like the makeup of the court under Republican administrations then the answer is very simple: win a few elections.

Yup, exactly. Although the attempts by some states to test Roe v Wade now the makeup has changed may very well help that.

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 12:38 PM from United States

I’m glad Alito got confirmed, like John Hawkins said, Bush’s Supreme Court justices are easily the biggest accomplishment of his Domestic agenda.

All the arguments against Roberts and Alito have been so weak, I’m glad to see that they got slapped in the face.

3 more years in office, hopefully another justice will leave the court before Bush goes out.

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 01:14 PM from United States

OT: Evangelicals Training As Master Debaters

Correction: In the original version of this report, NEWSWEEK misquoted Falwell as referring to “assault ministry.” In fact, Falwell was referring to “a salt ministry"—a reference to Matthew 5:13, where Jesus says “Ye are the salt of the earth.” We regret the error.

Heh, I’m not so sure the former isn’t more accurate.


Posted by on 01/31/06 at 01:34 PM from United States

Assault Ministry is what the media is doing.

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 01:45 PM from United States

You could say that too and I would tend to agree. However, I consider legislating one’s particular brand of morality to be “assault ministry”.

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 10:39 PM from United States

Unless Falwell’s deploying Space Marines to help drive his ‘assault ministry’, I’m not too concerned.


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