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Holidays Without Jews
by Lee

Thinking of soaking up the sun in glorious, fun-filled Saudia Arabia?  You might want to read the fine print first.

Saudi Arabia, normally a byword for stern and puritanical sobriety, is preparing to show the world its jollier side by issuing visas to tourists. At present they are issued only for employment, pilgrimages and other approved visits, and can be difficult to obtain.

Tourist visas will be introduced within a few weeks, officials quoted by the daily Arab News in Jeddah said.  ...

The supreme commission for tourism’s website lists those who will not be allowed in: Jews; people with Israeli stamps in their passport; “those who don’t abide by the Saudi traditions concerning appearance and behaviour”, and “those under the influence of alcohol”.

No Jews.  Our good friends, our allies against terror, the Saudi fascist regime.  This has not gone unnoticed by at least one sharp eye in Washington.

Rep. Anthony Weiner, a frequent critic of United States policy toward Saudi Arabia, said Thursday that the Middle East country’s new visa policy outlined on a tourist Web site should be quickly condemned by American officials.

The Web site, promoting a new Saudi program to offer tourist visas to encourage more foreign visitors, lists four groups not entitled to tourist visas, including “Jewish People.”

The Saudi government has traditionally only issued travel visas for employment, Hajj pilgrimages, and other visits with official sanction.

In addition to Jews, the Web site by the Supreme Commission for Tourism also says it will refuse visas to anyone with an Israeli passport or a passport that has an Israeli stamp.

“It is very difficult to see the Saudis as anything other than a backward country with backward ideals and this reaffirms that,” said Weiner. “I think the administration should take a hard look at this Web site and decide whether a country that has these policies should be considered our ally.”

I could not agree more.  I don’t have a problem with maintaining diplomatic relations with the Saudis, but to call these theocratic vermin our ally is an insult to all of our other allies, especially Israel.

Posted by Lee on 02/27/04 at 01:20 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


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