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Hormel Hawaii
by Lee

That warm, balmy breeze you felt while walking the beach at Waikiki wasn’t a normal breeze.  No, gentle reader, it was the collective sign uttered by Hawaiians everywhere upon hearing this news.

A union representing more than 3,000 workers at Hormel Foods Inc.HRL.N said on Friday it had reached a tentative contract agreement with the meat products maker.

The workers make Spam luncheon meat and Dinty Moore stew at Hormel plants in Iowa, Georgia, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Never fret, Hawaiian cousins!  The free flow of your favorite meat in a can will continue unabated.  (And, for the record, I do like the taste of thin cut Spam pan fried in a little grease until it turns crispy.  Scramble a couple of eggs and you got yourself a breakfast!")

Posted by Lee on 09/29/03 at 01:43 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


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