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Huffy Bowing Out?
by Lee

Huffington is considering dropping out.

Independent commentator Arianna Huffington said Monday she is strongly considering leaving the recall race, signaling a growing fear among the political left that Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger stands a good chance of becoming California’s next governor.

Huffington, appearing at a campaign event in San Francisco, said she would decide as soon as today whether to urge her supporters to oppose the recall and possibly back Democratic Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante—reflecting the view that in a close race, votes by progressives for Huffington and Green Party candidate Peter Camejo could help elect Schwarzenegger.

Like Perot was the reason Bill Clinton got elected, and how McClintock still might possibly give the election to BustaMEChA.

“I’m talking to a lot of supporters and people who are part of the campaign. I’m going to make a decision later this week,” she told reporters.

“What is very important . . . is to make sure that the state does not go to a Republican who is going to bring to the state the same disastrous economic policies we have in Washington,” she said. “That is a very important consideration.”

That’s right, Arianna.  Because in a state where the Democrats have the governor’s office, every other statewide office, and control both houses of the legislature, their sterling performance could only be harmed by putting a Republican in the governor’s mansion.  For all her prattling about “progressives” and “change” she’s going to endorse Bustamante, who is virtually indistinguishable from the current Democrat governor.

Posted by Lee on 09/30/03 at 10:48 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


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