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Into Syria
by Lee

Odd that this didn’t make more of a splash in the news.

U.S. intelligence officials Wednesday released an assessment that Iraqi weapons of mass destruction have been transferred to neighboring Syria. The officials, in the first assessment of its kind, said the transfer occurred during the weeks prior to the U.S.-led war against the Saddam
Hussein regime. Middle East Newsline reported the U.S. assessment was based on satellite images of convoys of Iraqi trucks that poured into Syria during February and March. U.S. intelligence officials say the trucks contained missiles and WMD components banned by the U.N.’s Security Council.

Now, given the number of times in recent months that our shit-hot intelligence has turned out to be totally incorrect, for now I’m going to take these reports with a grain of salt.  But it does explain away a lot of things, doesn’t it?  I have a great deal of faith in David Kay and his team, and believe that if there is anything to be found he will be the guy to find it.

Syria is in a position now where they could get on our good side virtually immediately by turning all this crap over to us.  If they have it they can get rid of it and score brownie points with us, or they can hang onto it and face a war.  You choose, Assad.

Posted by Lee on 10/31/03 at 02:49 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


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