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It’s a Smoking Jacket
by Lee

"Yo, B.  Yo’ jacket be smokin!”
“Why thank you, I had it tailored on Saville Row.”
“No, man, I mean yo’ shit be smokin’ fo’ real, dog!”

No stranger to the burning issues of the day, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu was really fired up during a radio interview on Sunday.

“Can’t you smell the smoke?” an Army Radio reporter suddenly asked Netanyahu, the finance minister, as they spoke about a recent controversial decision to replace Israel’s army chief.

“What do you mean?” Netanyahu, well known in Israel for his penchant for cigars, shot back.

“Your cigar is on fire. The one inside your suit jacket. Minister Netanyahu, you are burning up,” the reporter replied, his voice rising in urgency in the interview conducted outside the cabinet room before its weekly meeting.

“Eh?” said a flustered Netanyahu, a former prime minister with a reputation as a master of the soundbite.

At this point, Housing Minister Isaac Herzog, also on his way to the cabinet meeting, came to the rescue.

“Bibi, throw it on the floor. Throw it—that’s right,” Herzog said, using the former prime minister’s nickname.

Emergency over, the reporter asked Netanyahu why he had put a lit cigar in his jacket pocket.

“Smoking is forbidden here,” Netanyahu said.

“But why a lit cigar?” the reporter insisted.

“I didn’t know it was lit,” Netanyahu replied.

Immediately after the newscast Netanyahu announced that he was switching from cigars to Red Man.  Get that boy a spatoon!

Posted by Lee on 05/30/05 at 04:18 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 05/30/05 at 05:52 AM from Europe

Hi Lee!

It looks like your visitor numbers are drying up! Your website really blows!

Keep up the good work buddy!!!

Big Bad Donski

Posted by Lee on 05/30/05 at 06:03 AM from United States

My visitors are stronger than ever, almost 6,000 a day.  By the end of the year I’ll have passed my 5,000,000th visitor.  I have nothing to complain about.

Posted by on 05/30/05 at 11:20 AM from United States

switching from cigars to Red Man.  Get that boy a spatoon!

Copenhagen is a far better product to Red Man.

Only Crackers and minor league ball players chew loose leaf. 

Now, I must resume widdlin’ a stick and banjo rehearsal…

Posted by on 05/30/05 at 02:43 PM from United States

Man oh man are the Arabs going to enjoy poking fun at this one… Is there an Arab Jay Leno?

Posted by Tj on 05/30/05 at 03:00 PM from United States

I think Arafat is the only one who could have pulled that joke off drew.  ;)

Posted by on 05/30/05 at 04:55 PM from United States

Only an idiot uses tobacco for personal consumption.

After giving yourself some form of cancer, you are not entitled to any money for being stupid.

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 05/30/05 at 05:32 PM from United States

Well you know, sometimes a burning jacket is just a burning jacket…

Posted by sneaky_pete on 05/31/05 at 01:10 PM from United States

Who the hell is Donski?

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