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Jerry’s Kids
by Lee

I am pleased to annouce that the effort by Jim and I to raise fees to purchase a bullet-proof new server have been humming along wonderfully.  We’re almost at our goal, which will provide, as Jim puts it,

a dual Xeon box, twin 7200RPM 80GB drives, RedHat Enterprise 3.0, Plesk, a bank of IP numbers, 1.2 terabytes of data transfer per month, 100 mbit connection and 24/7 personalized support. All hosted off a company that rarely uses even 30% of it’s direct-to-backbone 10.5gigabits per second uplink.

In other words, it’ll be one pimp-ass server, yo.  And this is where you guys come in.  Following up on the example set by Andrew Sullivan, we’re doing a once-a-year pledge drive.  Think of us as Jerry’s Kids but with better political insight and more back hair.  Your completely taxable donation will make sure that Right-Thinking, MOOREWATCH, and Right-Thoughts stay up and running, no matter how many times Michael Moore’s legions of free-speech lovers try and DOS-attack us into oblivion.  You can donate at the link below.

Click here to donate.

Remember, this is a once-a-year thing, we’re not going to be begging for cash every month.  And every single cent donated to us will go towards server fees.  We won’t buy so much as a pizza on your dime.

Thanks so much!

Posted by Lee on 05/31/04 at 09:30 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


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