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Leaving It All Behind

Somewhere, Alec Baldwin is laughing:

Dallas Morning News columnist Rod Dreher may have to fly to Costa Rica if he wants to see some of his friends.

In one of his recent blogs, Dreher told of multiple people discussing potential moves to Costa Rica if things go downhill. These aren’t people who are eager to join Paulville. Rather, these are normal, middle-class conservatives who are considering moving to Costa Rica if the country goes downhill under President Obama.

One of the commenters on Dreher’s blog asked if this was not unlike liberals throwing a fit in 2004 and threatening to leave if Bush won. Not exactly. The left’s threat was always more of a threat to hold its breath if it didn’t get its way. The concerns of Dreher’s friends seem to have little to do with the election and far more to do with the results of Obama’s policies. So all this talk of leaving doesn’t remind me of Alec Baldwin’s threat to deprive our nation of his presence. Instead, it reminds me of a white Zimbabwean I recently met at a writer’s conference. She spoke with a longing for home, a love of a place thousands of miles away that she could only picture in her memories. Zimbabwe is not a place where one is able to prosper and thrive. At this time, many people wonder if the same thing could happen in America.

Well, with all due respect, the reasons may be different, but the attitude is the same: “We don’t like the new guy, so instead of trying to make things better, we’re going to rant and whine and threaten to take our ball and go elsewhere!” It didn’t impress me coming from the left, and it doesn’t impress me coming from these cranks.

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 03/28/09 at 04:32 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 03/28/09 at 05:58 PM from Germany

You’re still here?


Posted by on 03/28/09 at 06:57 PM from United States

In order to make things better in this country you have to be a millionaire with hundreds of lobbysists in DC working to convince Congress your ways are better and they should listen to you.  Meanwhile Congress and the President continue to punch and kick the American People while we’re down.  Pretty hard to change something you can’t afford.

Also, if they wanna leave who cares.  I said the same thing after the left threw its temper tantrum.

Posted by on 03/28/09 at 08:51 PM from United States

This is the same reason I left California 5 years ago.

When there are more people riding in the cart than there are pulling the cart it’s time to move on and let the self important and lazy people walk on their own.

It’s high time to start walkin WVR!

Posted by on 03/29/09 at 08:07 AM from United States

According to this guy it may not be a bad time to move on.

Posted by HARLEY on 03/29/09 at 12:53 PM from United States

BUSH wants more Christians in his administration!. oh wait… naw this wont be a issue....will it?

Posted by on 03/29/09 at 01:22 PM from United States

How many “Baldwins” actually left like they threatened?

Posted by on 03/30/09 at 06:27 AM from United States

How many “Baldwins” actually left like they threatened?

Not enough.

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