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Liberals show their true colors

Anytime I here some leftoid demand civility and blames the right for inciting violence or being violent, I know that what we are seeing is plain old projection. Then we have the things that happen in the real world, you know the facts that one would use to make a case, that we can then look at. In the latest incidence someone shot out the windows at Washington, D.C. Republican office. Know how I know it was a lib?

Police say the vandalism occurred Tuesday night. All of the windows of the officer were damaged. The executive director of the Republican Committee says an air gun was probably used.

They didn’t even use a real gun. This stuff happens all the time, but the MSM chooses to ignore or downplay it. Fake stories about violent Tea Partiers or demcorats being attack get massive coverage. Of course, we know the accusations against the Tea Partiers are plain old bullshit when you actually look for who is committing the violence. In fact, the left even has pretend Tea Partiers to help them win elections. And when we discover that the attacks against demcorats are insider jobs done by libs hoping to gin up a leftoid’s dream story about conservative anger and violence, if we are lucky to get a correction, it is buried somewhere so the minimal amount of people see it.

Funniest part of this brief story?

Workers believe the shooting was politically related.

Ya think?

The left is pissed that their buddies in the MSM have not been able to spread their propaganda and convince people that the disasters their actions and ideology have straddled us with and are driving us towards in the not too distant future, are all actually not problematic or actually a good thing. The American people just shellacked them in the 2010 election. And more and more people are realizing that these fools are driving us off a cliff at warp speed as they continue to bungle anything and everything they do. Hope & Change has, in the biggest display of irony possible, really turned into most of us hopping we have some change left after these bozos get through ripping us all off. The left is seeing all those fantasies of socialism winning out and dominating the next 2 or 3 generations they bandied about after the 2008 election, go up in smoke in but a short 2 years of them having power. And it drives them bananas. Expect many more angry bb gun attacks. They mean business!

Posted by AlexinCT on 03/17/11 at 06:15 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 03/17/11 at 08:34 AM from United States

Vandalism? What a bunch of amateurs, I guess you have to crawl before you can walk. When they grow up and become real Democrat thugs they can graduate to ele fraud.

Posted by on 03/17/11 at 10:46 AM from United States

I’m not surprised. There are plenty of cases where GOP offices were vandalized over the years, car tires slashed, people threatened, etc. I’m not saying this never happens to Democrat offices or people as well, but I think pretty much everyone has no choice but to call bullshit when we hear the left are calm and peaceful people and anyone right of wanting government controlled everything is out to kill every living thing on the planet with their howitzer.

The MSM did their best to try to make the Tea Party look like your average union rally and failed. My favorite was when that CNN report was at a rally talking about how she was in fear, and it was a bunch of people just standing there with signs, and a few holding their kids. Too funny. I tried to find the video, but it doesn’t seem to be on youtube anymore. 

The good news, people just don’t buy the powerful, but short lived propaganda crap fest that went on a couple years back.

We now know “intellectualism” from the view of the left is just call them racist if they disagree, we now know that deficits are only bad if the GOP is in charge, we now know that locking up suspected terrorists is ok if Democrats are in power, otherwise they are victims, we now know getting felt up at the airport is not a sign of a police state, but that’s what you get if you want to travel. Of course this is all OK now. All our former lefty friends here who used to praise Lee for calling out the bullshit from the GOP have scurried off like the roaches that they are. You have to wonder what they really believed in other than labels.

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 03/17/11 at 05:47 PM from United States

Union thuggery has also been reported in Michigan, where a guy with a sharp object tried to assault a couple of police officers.

Speaking of thugs, it looks like Gaddafi is going to get a whuppin’ soon after all.

Posted by on 03/17/11 at 09:36 PM from United States

Union thuggery has also been reported in Michigan, where a guy with a sharp object tried to assault a couple of police officers.

Why on earth would union thugs assault cops? The police are union thugs, and have been filmed, repeatedly, either looking the other way or doing a little intimidation of their own.
And although I would never paint all cops as bad apples the stories and vids of the past month, mostly from Wisconsin, don’t give me the ‘warm -n- fuzzies’.

Posted by on 03/18/11 at 12:42 PM from United States

death threats and has his property vandalized. This must be the new “civility” the left keeps telling us about

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