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Locking Up the Duke
by Lee

Randall “Duke” Cunningham isn’t adapting to well to life in PMITA prison.

In a handwritten letter to the reporter who exposed his corruption, former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham portrays life in prison as an agonizing time of regret, anger and bitterness toward those he blames for his downfall.

“I hurt more than anyone could imagine,” Cunningham wrote from federal prison in North Carolina.

In the letter, the former Rancho Santa Fe Republican lashes out at the The San Diego Union-Tribune, which broke the story on June 12, 2005, but aims his sharpest barbs at one of his co-conspirators.

… In the response penned last month, Cunningham expressed bitterness toward Stern and Wade. And he offered an achingly personal glimpse of the toll exacted on him and his relationship with his now-estranged family by his dramatic descent from congressional power to Inmate #94405198.

“Each time you print it hurts my family and now I have lost them along with everything I have worked for during my 64 years of life,” he wrote. “I am human not an animal to keep whipping.”

You are human, but you are also a corrupt scumbag and a convicted felon, and therefore you deserve everything you get.  It could be worse.  You could be off somewhere being tortured.

Posted by Lee on 10/30/06 at 09:29 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 10/30/06 at 10:35 AM from United States

“I hurt more than anyone could imagine,”

I bet you do, “Duchess”.

Posted by on 10/30/06 at 11:50 AM from United States

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime...bee-yatch!

Posted by on 10/30/06 at 11:57 AM from United States

“He has been exercising. His medical condition is stable in the sense that he is getting good medical care within the bureau of prisons. His prostate cancer is not, as far as we know, actively growing,” he said.

See?!  There is a bright side to having your prostate kneeded about via the poop chute by some negro gentleman’s cock.  Apparently it impedes cancer growth!?  Whodathunkit…

Posted by on 10/30/06 at 12:03 PM from United States

I would sooner have sympathy for a child molester or murderer than a public official convicted of bribery for legislation or denial of justice. In line with what happened to that child murderer you mentioned a few posts ago, my parents (both ex-feds and my dad was a local cop as well) had a simple suggestion for how to deal with people who betray the public trust. Tatoo their crime to their forehead. I guarantee you, you tatoo “Corrupt Cop” or “Corrupt Congressman” to a convict’s head and dump them in a maximum security prison, the problem will become significantly less epidemic.

Posted by on 10/30/06 at 03:31 PM from United States

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Posted by mikeguas on 11/01/06 at 01:43 AM from United States

It’s good that he’s owning up to this, and taking the opportunity to apologize to the public, and not spending it acting like a victim, making excuses, trying to justify it, or pointing fingers at others for his wrongdoings. What a dick.

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