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LOL! Egg on their faces.

That’s because, as has happened with practically all the bullshit Obama and the donkey idiots talked about changing back when running for the job of POTUS - as the anti-Bush I remind everyone - so they could make America respectable and cleans the evil of 8 years of Bush and his backward and barbaric policies, these geniuses are now eating crow yet again. And the NYT even tries so hard to make it look like Obama meant to do the right thing, but evil congress socked it to him.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration, ending a year of indecision with a major reversal, will prosecute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the professed mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, before a military commission and not a civilian court, as it had once planned. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is set to announce on Monday afternoon that he has cleared military prosecutors at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, to file war-crime charges against Mr. Mohammed and four others accused in the Sept. 11 case. Mr. Holder had decided in November 2009 to move the case to a federal civilian courtroom in New York City, but a political backlash shut down that plan.

The move was foreshadowed by stiffening Congressional resistance to bringing Guantánamo detainees into the United States and by other recent announcements clearing the way for new tribunal trials. Still, it is a significant moment of capitulation in the larger collapse of the Obama administration’s effort — begun with fanfare in its opening days in office — to roll back the counterterrorism architecture left behind by former President George W. Bush. Mr. Holder’s short-lived decision in November 2009 to prosecute the Sept. 11 defendants in a civilian court had been hailed — and decried — as a step toward restoring the role of the traditional criminal justice system. On Monday, Republicans praised the decision to instead hold a military trial while attacking the administration for ever thinking of doing otherwise.

The NYT must be mental. A year of indecision? Shit, I think Holder played everyone. By pretending that KSM was going to be tried in civil court he got the dude to spend another 2 years in prison without a trial while making all the idiots that think he deserves one ASAP think they were doing the right thing. And in typical fashion they forget to mention that the stiffened congressional resistance the NYT blames for the reversal in fortune, started long before republicans took the donkeys to the shed in 2010. And it’s not a capitulation on the Obama Administration’s part, it is reality bitch slapping morons that are great at pretending their fantasies can force reality to be denied.  KSM should get a military trial. The bastard is an enemy combatant and not only declared war on the US but planned one of the most heinous attacks ever to take place on our soil.

“It’s unfortunate that it took the Obama administration more than two years to figure out what the majority of Americans already know: that 9-11 conspirator Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is not a common criminal, he’s a war criminal,” said Representative Lamar Smith, the Texas Republican who is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

At least they had to face reality and didn’t force the issue, something I am sure many like me feared would happen, with disastrous consequences when KSM and his lawyers made a mockery of the whole thing. Of course the lawyers and the people that suffer a reality challenge also had an opinion on the subject.

But groups that had praised Mr. Holder’s original plan as a significant step toward the restoration of what they see as the rule of law reacted with frustration and outrage on Monday.

“The attorney general’s flip-flop is devastating for the rule of law,” said the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, Anthony Romero. “He made the right call when he decided to try the 9/11 defendants in federal criminal court, and his decision to back away from that initial decision raises serious questions about a politicized Justice Department that takes it cues from the West Wing.”

Heh. Yeah, the rule of law lost out because a war criminal and idiots didn’t get to drag him into civilian court to make a mockery out the whole thing. Especially after Holder guaranteed a guilty verdict. The rest of that article is the NYT trying hard, but failing miserably, to help cover for the Obama Administration and the DoJ’s bungling of these cases since they took office. Suffice it to say that I have a feeling KSM will not see a trial before 2012 either. Some other reason will come up. The difference between Team Obama and Team Bush seems to be that Team Obama expends an inordinately large amount of effort pretending they are the good guys while doing much of the same. If not worse.

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Posted by on 04/04/11 at 04:07 PM from United States

Somebody should have put a bullet in this guy’s skull years ago, and then tossed him into an open sewer to decompose.

That we’ve spent YEARS yanking around doing nothing is disgraceful.

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Alex, aren’t you glad that he finally “saw the light”?. We all know (knew back then) that Obama was talking out of his ass with just about everything that had to do with national security, I mean really, what did this neophyte know about protecting a nation? He had been groomed and cotteled most of his adult life. Now a lesser man might of remain locked in to his intransigence, thinking that a change of course would signal weakness and indecision, and refuse any recalibration of his thinking. But Obama has done the right thing here and the same can be said for Guantanamo, extending key provisions of the Patriot Act, indefinite detention, military commissions, rendition, the use of predator drones, even prosecuting the Afghan war. We should be happy that Obama is doing the right thing, it will keep us safer in the long run.

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