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Man Without A Home
by Lee

It’s weird.  I’m between houses right now, living in a hotel.  All my worldly possessions are either being held in storage by Bekins or locked up in a small storage locker that I rented in Venice.  I don’t actually have a home address.  That’s just a peculiar feeling.

So now I get to find a place to live, which sucks.  All you SoCal readers, when I get settled I’m gonna want to get together and blow off a lot of steam.  The first round of shooters is on me.

Posted by Lee on 05/31/04 at 10:13 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by 4rentinla on 09/28/05 at 04:28 AM from Lithuania

i have more unique situation- i work in apartment rental company- but don’t have time to find house for myself :(

Apartment for rent in LA

Posted by Drumwaster on 09/28/05 at 04:37 AM from United States

Oh, cool! Comment spam!

How fucking old IS this thread? Lee’s been here for just over a year now, hasn’t he? So this thread is AT LEAST 16 months old, and you’re gonna come along and pull it to the front like you’re the fucking Sultan of Oompapamaumau, only to drop your commercial URL in the middle of it, as your own personal “sig” file.

I hope someone hacks into your server and redirects all your clients to your competition, you moron.

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