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More Domestic Terrorism
by Lee

Animal rights lunatics have struck again.

Days after 10,000 mink were released from a farm in southern Snohomish County, hundreds of the animals not yet captured have converged on local farms in search of food. 

The animals had killed at least 25 exotic birds and attacked other livestock in the area. 

“Over half our livestock was shredded. Murdered. Eaten alive,” said Jeff Weaver, who discovered the dead birds on his farm Thursday. “These are not like regular farm animals. They’re our pets.”

Man killing minks is bad, but man enabling minks to kill other animals is perfectly acceptable.  I guess certain animals are more worthy of living than others.

Animal activists argue that while the farm animals’ deaths are unfortunate, it proves minks raised in captivity can survive in the wild. 

“The amount of suffering that has been prevented by releasing them from cramped cages and freeing them from an extremely cruel death more than justifies a temporary disruption to the ecosystem,” said veterinarian Andrew Knight, director of research at the Seattle-based Northwest Animal Rights Network. 

So there are temporary disruptions of an ecosystem that are acceptable?  Can you imagine for a second this lunatic saying that if a business or industry was proposing something that would temporarily disrupt the habitat of some species of animal? 

This just goes to show that with these types of delusional bunnyhuggers there are no rules or principles that cannot be bent in the name of their cause.  Animals dying at the hands of man, or ecosystems being disrupted, are both perfectly acceptable, provided they are done at the hands of the Animal Liberation Front or some other terrorist organization.


Posted by Lee on 08/30/03 at 01:13 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


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