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Natalie Rants
by Lee

Natalie Maines has posted an incoherent, rambling rant on the Dixie Chicks’ website.

You know, a good thing that has come out of all this is having a good support system from the music industry to call on for advice.  Most recently I called up Ozzy to ask him what I should do about all of this, and do you know what he told me?  Oh hang on just a second, you won’t believe this…P. Didddy and Eminem just instant messaged me at the exact same time.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  Let me just IM them back that I will have to talk to them later.  O.K. sorry about that.  Now where was I?  Oh right Ozzy.  Do you know what he told me to do?  Well, I don’t really know either.  I couldn’t really understand him.  But he did say something at the end that was very profound. He said “f*** it.” I like that advice.  I think I’ll do just that.  So from here on out when you call for a statement, explanation, apology, etc., we are just going to have to refer you to this letter.  Oh, and by the way, since you’re here on our website you might as well go buy a T-shirt.  We are having a plane crash sale.  Everything is double.

Read it for yourself.  It’s not funny, it’s not witty, and it doesn’t make any sense.  Seriously, these girls are dumber than a paper sack full of snot.

Posted by Lee on 09/30/03 at 10:55 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


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