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Nelson Mandingo
by Lee

Hey, where de white women at?

Oscar golden-girl Charlize Theron (news) was overwhelmed with emotion when she met South Africa’s most famous statesman—telling Nelson Mandela “I love you so much”.

Theron, who became the first African to win the Best Actress Award last month for her portrayal of a prostitute in the movie “Monster”, held hands with Mandela, 85, during a photo-call at his offices in Johannesburg.

“You are an inspiration for everyone,” Theron told the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

“Oh ... I love you too,” the elderly statesman replied as he put his arm around the 28-year-old actress, who wore a plain white dress and had her hair tied back into a ponytail.

This is the same Nelson Mandela who accused President Bush of being a racist and conspiring with the dirty Jews Israelis to disarm the Middle East.  As I wrote in as previous post, “Mandela, you are an insignificant artifact from history. Your struggle to end apartheid in South Africa is obviously to be commended, but since then you have demonstrated to everyone your own gross incompetence at contributing anything worthwhile to the world community. You have coddled communists and other dictators, and with the problems facing Africa you are in no position to be dictating anyone on the subject of morality. You have well earned your place on the ash heap of history.”

Posted by Lee on 03/11/04 at 11:26 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


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