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Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. - Albert Einstein

Pile it high!

Man, does the MSM ever get tired of shilling for the losers currently running the country? Take dumb Reuters article for example that claims that the reason the Europeans are going to for the first time in over a decade push a rate hike before the US is because of a power shift. Think about this. Who was the president 10 years or more ago? Whose the president now? No, the Europeans are doing the rate hike first because the people running the US right now don’t have a clue or are trying to avoid the consequences - at the polls - of having to do the rate hike now. The problem is how mismanaged the US economy has been for the last 2 years after the lefts push to force lending to bad risks ended up causing a collapse in the lending market tied to homeownership and the fact that the people in charge have no clue. Not a shift of power. But don’t worry, reality is going to come crashing down on their fantasies regardless of how inept they are.

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