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Pray To The Money God

Fundamentalist wingnuts want the Lord to save the economy.

God is judging the ideologies of nations. He is moving to put the fear of the Lord not only on His church; but upon the nations of the world. 

For these and other reasons Cindy is calling for a Day of Prayer for the World’s Economies on Wednesday, October 29, 2008. They are calling for prayer for the stock markets, banks, and financial institutions of the world on the date the stock market crashed in 1929. They are meeting at the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank, and its 12 principal branches around the US that day. 

“We are going to intercede at the site of the statue of the bull on Wall Street to ask God to begin a shift from the bull and bear markets to what we feel will be the ‘Lion’s Market,’ or God’s control over the economic systems,” she said.  “While we do not have the full revelation of all this will entail, we do know that without intercession, economies will crumble.”

Cindy is encouraging prayer groups to intercede for banks and financial institutions in your area. Cindy says each of us has to be accountable to the Lord.

Here’s a picture of the acolytes in action (Hat tip: Wonkette.):

There’s been no word on whether Sarah Palin’s preacher will attend future events to protect the bull from witchcraft.

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 10/30/08 at 09:59 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by Ed Kline on 10/31/08 at 12:16 AM from United States

Ok, Cindy is a fucking idiot.

Posted by on 10/31/08 at 07:54 AM from United States

Looks like them worshipping false idols.


Posted by Lee on 10/31/08 at 07:56 AM from China

HAHAHAHA good one!  Wasn’t a golden bull literally the false idol from the Bible?

Posted by on 10/31/08 at 08:04 AM from United States

Wasn’t a golden bull literally the false idol from the Bible?

Yes, and the Irony of it is perfectly fitting.

A real Master Card moment. Pricless.

Posted by HARLEY on 10/31/08 at 08:31 AM from United States

WVR , right up to that last line i was with you, BUT DAMM dude learn facts IT WAS NOT HER PREACHER, fuck,.
yeah The Golden calf, old Mionian cult.

Posted by on 10/31/08 at 09:04 AM from United States


Dude, It’s the whole fundie mentality that has been/is harmful to what many of liked about the republican party. This is just another ironic example of it. Palin is part of that movement.

Posted by on 10/31/08 at 09:37 AM from United States

Is that an updated golden calf?

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