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Question 2, Dude

A weird, albeit liberating, aspect of being a libertarian conservative is that the political sands shift under you.  It would be so much easier to just be a by-the-numbers Republican.  I wouldn’t have to think about the issues.  All I would need to know is which side of, for example, Mass’s Question 2 George Soros is on and vote accordingly.

In August pollsters at Boston’s Suffolk University said Question 2, a Massachusetts ballot initiative that would replace criminal penalties for possession of up to an ounce of marijuana with a $100 civil fine, “appears all but certain to pass,” with support from 72 percent of registered voters. “The public may be signaling that pursuing small-time marijuana users is a waste of taxpayer resources,” said David Paleologos, director of Suffolk’s Political Research Center. “This issue suggests that there is a libertarian streak in the thinking of Massachusetts voters.” Last week the same pollsters found support for the measure had shrunk to 51 percent, with 32 percent of voters opposed (up from 22 percent in August). Maybe Massachusetts voters have become less libertarian in the last two months.

Or maybe, as NORML’s Paul Armentano suggests, they’ve been paying too much attention to the cops and prosecutors behind the Coalition for Safe Streets. The group’s radio ads play up the role of “international financier” George Soros in funding the initiative; allege that the failure to arrest pot smokers would “send children the message that drug use is safe and acceptable” and “make it easier for kids to get behind the wheel of a car after smoking marijuana”; and warn of “unsafe roads, increased health care costs, more crime, [and] more problems with addiction.” The coalition claims “it’s just common sense,” which I guess is why it sees no need to offer any actual arguments connecting these outcomes to the passage of Question 2.

You know, we don’t send people to prison for smoking cigarettes (yet), but have managed to drastically cut smoking by emphasizing how stupid it it and restricting where people can smoke.  Ending alcohol prohibition didn’t fill the streets with drunks.  What is it about pot? Do we really think that the only reason our streets and schools aren’t filled with zoned-out potheads is because we’re tossing people in jail?  Really?! OK, if you say so.

Here’s the fun part:

To back up its assertion that decriminalizing possession (but not sale) of less than an ounce of marijuana would result in “newly emboldened drug dealers,” the coalition claims, “One ounce of marijuana has a street value of $600 and equates to approximately 60 individual sales.” If that price estimate is based on the district attorneys’ own shopping experiences, they are either connoisseurs or suckers. The estimate for the number of sales also seems to be based on an extreme assumption: that pot is sold one joint at a time. I suppose you could say everyone with an ounce of marijuana is a potential pot dealer, in the same sense that everyone with three packs of cigarettes is a potential tobacconist. More to the point, what are these pot sellers going to be “newly emboldened” to do? Sell pot, presumably. To willing buyers. Who aren’t hurting anything but the sensibilities of the reformed pot smokers at the Coalition for Safe Streets.

I’ve never smoked pot in my life but even I know that their figures are bullshit.  The potheads I know simply don’t have $600 to throw around.

Update: The Coalition for Safe Street’s website is here.  Look at their opening statement.  Barack Obama has promised free healthcare to the person who identifies the most falsifiable hysterical claims.

Update: In other pot news, Michigan is trying to legalize medical marijuana.  The Drug Czar is campaigning against it (under a special dispensation from the Hatch Act).  Watch the video on Balko’s site.  Tell me you don’t finish wanting to strangle Walters with his own sanctimoniousness.

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Posted by on 10/30/08 at 07:31 PM from United States

Actually, I smoked something the other day which was 80 bucks for a half a quarter according to my trusted friend band mate who sparked up the J with me and the rest of our band.  That’s 640 an oz.  I took 2 hits and was more stoned than I’ve been any time since high school.  I never believed in so called “kine-bud” (or kind-bud) until that moment.  By the time I let go of hit no. 2, I knew I had had plenty.  By the time it really got going, damn.  Let’s just say the 3 songs we closed the practice with didn’t sound quite right :)

However, the vast majority of herb is definitely the ordinary 100 bucks an oz variety.

Posted by on 10/30/08 at 07:42 PM from United States

By the way, my point was that 640 an oz herb does exist, but it costs that much because it’s retardedly potent and you can smoke just one big hit and be all set.  My bass player insists that an 1/8 of this stuff lasts him longer than a normal O.  Now I can believe it.

And come to think of it, since they don’t measure potency, you’d get into less trouble with this stuff if you happened to get caught.

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