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Romneycare shows future for Obamacare

And the future looks like it portends shitty quality and access of care, at much higher prices for all the peasants and fools.

Taxpayers now spend $2.5 billion more on our state’s health care budget. The direct cost of Romneycare has gone from less than $100 million a year to at least $400 million — and even that number is suspect. But we do know we’ve spent more than $35 million in a single year on health services for illegal immigrants, and tens of millions more on illegal, unallowable or outright bogus claims. If you want to know why Romneycare’s costs keep rising, check out this simple statistic from the Patrick administration: In 2006, 85 percent of the insured in Massachusetts got their coverage through private group coverage at work. Today that’s down to 79 percent. Meanwhile the percentage on the MassHealth dole has doubled, and more than 150,000 people are now subsidized through Commonwealth Care. Romneycare supporters like Brandeis University health policy professor Stuart Altman brag that “the basic reason for the reform was to extend coverage, and on this, we have done amazingly well.” But that’s only if you use the phrase “extend coverage” to mean “the government forced you to buy your own insurance.”

Higher costs, rampant abuse by locals & illegals, bigger annual state budget deficits, and from people that are actually subjected to Romneycare that I know, this all comes with reduced access – longer wait times caused likely from the government’s need to ration - and lower quality to boot. Of course, those that still support Romneycare, and Obamacare as well for sure, will tell you that it’s the people’s right to get free healthcare!

Those of us that know better understand there is no right to healthcare, this isn’t free, and in general we all lose when we try to do stupid shit like this, because universal “free” healthcare not only forces the bureaucrats running the show – if you go by the people you meet in other government functions they will be uncaring and mad with their own power, making insurance company employees look like angels - to ration and lower the quality of care to keep their ballooning costs down, but seems to hinge on forcing everyone to pay into a system that sucks and they would rather avoid. Well in the case of who pays and is subjected to the shitty care, the politicians in MA as the ones in DC have exempted them and many of their key constituencies – the ones that donate big time- from such requirements the rest of us peasants will have to deal with.

Don’t worry, Obamacare will be the one government bureaucracy that will reverse the trend and actually do more good for less. Obama, the donkeys, and the CBO – working of one of the most blatantly rigged scores delivered by proponents ever - said so! Pay up suckas!

Posted by AlexinCT on 04/12/11 at 08:52 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 04/12/11 at 10:40 AM from United States

Just in case we get our standard post of “socialized medicine is so awesome, everyone in America suffers”, here’s my story of “awful” American health care.

I’ve got back problems - Spondylolisthesis at L5/S1 and arthritis.  All I knew at the time though, is that I was limping bad and, god, did my leg hurt.  I made a call to my doctor, and saw him that afternoon.  X-rays done the same day.  More X-rays two days later.  MRI a week after that, and a specialist two days later.  Steroid injection into my spine within a couple days, with physical therapy starting the next day.

When the steroids wear off they’ll decide if I need surgery sooner rather than later.  Out of pocket cost to me has been $40 to see the doctors, about $100 for all the imaging, and $20 for each physical therapy session.  Wait time for any of it has been negligible - that is what healthy competition for my business gets me.

In Canada I’d still be waiting to see my primary care doctor....

Posted by Miguelito on 04/12/11 at 05:16 PM from United States

But but but… the WHO/UN rate us poorly!  40 Bajillion people have no coverage!  It’s unethical to give free healthcare to all and force people to become doctors (but they’re greedy if they want to make a decent living after all that sacrifice)!


Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 04/12/11 at 08:02 PM from United States

Some more on Romneycare here In Mitt’s defense, I do think he has a good chance of making it a state issue, but it is a problem for him esp. in the primaries.

Posted by on 04/14/11 at 07:33 PM from United States

Romney had two choices while governor of Massholia,
1)veto the health bill and get overridden on Capital hill

2) damn the consequences to the public, just sign the damn thing and get on to the next item.

#2 makes me wonder what he would have done with a hostile Congress if he had been prez.

Actually I don’t wonder at all.

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