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Saturday mental health break: Your interests
by JimK

Obviously, we spend a lot of time sniping at each other and arguing over politics and generally creating an atmosphere of animosity and bile.  And that is awesome. under the right conditions. BUT...often times we forget there are people on the other end of these internet thingies. Commenters (and authors) here get so entrenched in positions they forget that these arguments have real-world applications for the living, breathing human beings to whom they are talking.  And the simple fact is, 99% of us have more in common than we have differences.

To that end, I would like to start finding out what we have in common in an effort to weave a tighter community.  The idea is of course to find out things we all love that may fall by the wayside during these heated debates we have.

I have two simple rules for this little experiment:

1. NO POLITICS WHATSOEVER. First one to say anything political gets ass-raped by the barbed cock of Satan.
2. You need to list three things you love joyfully, like a little kid loves mud. They can be anything, from a brand of pants to a novel to a model of stove you use to cook with. Don’t care what it is. A website, your keyring...whatever. Just tell us three things you get happy over.

I’ll start.

1. I love pulp science fiction/mystery-crime books. I mean LOVE them. S.M. Stirling‘s T2 books are a great example. Decently written, but not literary by any means.  Pulp scifi that turns my crank.  T.A. Pratt’s Marla Mason books too, although that is more pulp urban fantasy. Oh and I worship the ground that Charlie Huston walks on. The man is a master at NoirSciCrimeUrbanFantasy pulp. And I will also confess to a serious obsession with J.D. Robb‘s Eve Dallas books. I’m like a junkie for that shit.

2. Defense Grid. I have beaten every level of this game eighty ways from Sunday and I still keep playing, to the exclusion of my Xbox 360, which has many things on it I need to play.

3. Fall Out Boy‘s new album Folie’ A Deux. FOB gets a bum rap due to Pete Wentz’s penchant for douchery, but these guys are a tight band with tremendous energy and well-constructed pop/rock/emo/powerpoppunk songs, and the new record is on never-ending repeat in my car.

That’s right, I posted publicly that I love Fall Out Boy. Fuck you all. ;) And now it’s your turn.  What exactly are you people into, and if anyone says “sex with cats” that bit was already done better than you could do it (SITE AND VIDEO NSFW!!). ;)

Posted by JimK on 05/16/09 at 09:36 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by Hal_10000 on 05/16/09 at 09:50 AM from United States

1. It’s trite, but playing with my little girl.  She’s very giggly and allows me to be really silly.  Our most recent game is playing “this little piggy” , first with her toes, then with mine.

2. Reading.  I have a wide appetite.  It’s rare that I read something really good, but fun when I do.

3. Lately, playing Out of the Park Baseball, which appeals to my statistical nature.

Posted by Hal_10000 on 05/16/09 at 09:51 AM from United States

I would also add 3a) watching Doctor Who, which, despite the silliness, always make me grin.

Posted by Aaron - Free Will on 05/16/09 at 10:11 AM from United States

- Strategy War Games/RTS. World in Conflict, Rise of Nations, the Total War series, all those are hugely addictive to me. I’m a history buff and really especially enjoy the ones that have some real-world context.

- Economics. Economists do it with models, etc. It took me years to realize that’s actually what I like and like doing, which is why I went back to school for it. I love economics for the same reason that a lot of people love astronomy (though I kind of like that, too). It’s elegant, endlessly complex, and beautiful.

- Food. I take eating seriously, and spend an inordinate amount of time finding the best restaurants wherever I am. I have an astronomical metabolism, and lately have taken to actually cooking with good equipment, because eating out is too expensive and I’m realizing I can usually do just as good of a job. (I’ve found I have this in common with a lot of lower midwesterners and Southerners who moved to the northeast and have to work hard to enjoy food: outside of NYC, the locals eat like it’s the middle ages and salt is an exotic, precious spice from the Orient.)

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 10:24 AM from United States

1.  I LOVE the “technobabble” sci fi shows.  My current favorites being Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.  I love the stargate universe and their take on who the ancient gods really were.  Star Trek; TNG, DS9 and Voyager, are favorites as well.  I find the technology made up for the shows always seems to “capture my imagination” if you will.  I believe with enough knowledge and a certain mastery over the physical world anything is possible. 

2.  Computers.  I’ve been building, overclocking and tweaking my own since my best friend’s dad brought home a 486 SX120.  Good times…

3.  Driving.  I see it as much more then just hopping into my car and mindlessly driving to work, the mall, whatever with a cell phone glued to my ear and stuffing my face with a big mac.  It’s about becoming one with your car, feeling the road, and the freedom to go just about anywhere you want whenever you want.  I think a lot of people take their car/truck/SUV/whatever for granted.  Sounds pretty cheesy I know.  :)

Posted by salinger on 05/16/09 at 10:29 AM from United States

I’m leaving out family things – which I know for all of us, come first.

Physical exertion- I run triathlons, rock climb, and work out with free weights – I’m very proud that at pushing 50 years old I can bench press 1-1/2 times my weight for reps and (hopefully we’ll know for sure tomorrow) – finish a half marathon.

Working with teachers and kids – this is my second career – one I chose because I love doing it not just to pay the mortgage and kid’s college tuition. The teachers I work with are motivated and want to do a better job - and I get a real high when kids of any age face lights up with a new understanding. My best wish for anyone would be to be able to make their living doing something they love – it sure beats working.

Travel – I will go anywhere. I actually enjoy being out of my element. Last year I had the opportunity to take one of my sons to Cairo for ten days while I worked in a school there. After my residency was over we cruised the Nile – at one point we found ourselves running and weaving through the Luxor market following an Egyptian Merchant (who happened to be a midget) to buy some camel bone jewelry while he, the turbaned shopkeeper, shouted over his shoulder what a great deal he was giving us in broken English and a Danny Bonaducci gravelly voice. I told my son to soak up that moment – chasing a four foot tall Egyptian through the Luxor market – This is what life is about.

Thanks for the thread JimK

Posted by Hal_10000 on 05/16/09 at 10:36 AM from United States

Aaron, I love Rise of Nations and the Total War series.  Those are fantastic.  I think it’s Shinano province in Shogun that’s the keystone to the entire game.

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 10:36 AM from Germany

So Jim, you mean for us guys - like all the things we love joyfully best besides porn and hot chicks? ;-)

- Dogs.  I love my dogs, but I love dogs in general - for so many reasons.  I find the recent interest in the scientific community (i.e. studying dogs, genetics, behavior, history, how they have been intertwined in the humans races development etc.) fascinating and am glad to see it on an uptick in popularity.  If you asked a kid “what do you want to be when you grow up”, you’d be likely to hear something like “A marine biologist - whales and dolphins are cool” - perhaps we’ll see more kids saying “A canine scientist” soon.  That would be cool.  I guess something right in front of your face isn’t as captivating to the imagination of a kid than some marine mammal that most folks are never likely to come across.  Anyway, I hope that changes some.

- Motorcycles, especially fast race bikes.  I have one, going riding on the track is unbelievable amounts of fun.  I love following motorcycle racing too – it’s the only sport I watch.  Go ROSSI!!!!!!!!

- Good dinner conversations that last way past when the meal is over.

Posted by Aaron - Free Will on 05/16/09 at 10:43 AM from United States

Last year I had the opportunity to take one of my sons to Cairo for ten days while I worked in a school there....

Salinger - I’m going to Greece with the girlfriend in August, 10 days, 7 touring inland and 3 on Santorini.

I have to say, we saw a tour very similar to what you describe, of Egypt, and it was really, really tempting to change our plans. That sounds like a hell of an experience. Looking forward to Hogmanay in Edinburgh this year, though, if we can pull it off.

Posted by salinger on 05/16/09 at 10:53 AM from United States

we saw a tour very similar to what you describe, of Egypt, and it was really, really tempting to change our plans.

As far as I am concerned ALL overseas travel is good. I’ve never been to Greece or Scotland and would love to see both. The absolute history of such locations is awe inpiring.

One thing Egypt has going for it is that once you are there it is cheap. The tour the school sent us on was something like 75 bucks a day US per head for a cruise ship cabin, meals and tours of ruins all inclusive! (it helps to have locals booking trips for you big time)

Actually being face to face with Tut’s iconic gold death mask - less than 3 inches away - made me a little dizzy.

Posted by FPrefect on 05/16/09 at 11:11 AM from United States

Only 3 things?  Well here goes

1. Computers.  I love to tinker with them.  Least I did till I got my newest one with Vista.

2. Photography.  I’m a pretty good photographer.  I just recently had all my equipment stolen, it’s been replaced, with a much better camera btw.  I love going outdoors and taking photos.

3. Learning.  I LOVE to learn things.  Silly things, strange things.  If it can help me grow, I’ll take a try at learning it.

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 11:42 AM from Germany

1. Anything to do with zombies - movies, books, games, you name it, I’m there.

2. Music - I love all forms of music and usually prefer to crank up the tunes as a form of unwinding then anything else. (by the way, JimK I gotta second that Falloutboy disc - I played the shit out of that when my daughter burned me a copy)

3. Cooking - I love it when a dish comes together.  I am the cook in the family and I find it extremely pleasing to see the looks of satisfaction on people’s faces when they are tucking into something I made.

Posted by Sean Galbraith on 05/16/09 at 11:43 AM from Canada

1. Photographing abandoned buildings. What started out as a hobby, turned into an obsession, which lead to a second career, and (this fall) a television series on Bravo. http://www.smlg.ca is my portfolio site, for those interested. 1a is photography in general. One of the few visual arts I actually like.

2. Listening to my dog snore. I have a fantastic French Bulldog named Napoleon. He is just adorable. 2a is dogs in general. Not a cat person.

3. Living in downtown Toronto. I love this city. The multicultural capital is one of the most vibrant places in the world to be. 3a is cities in general.

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 11:49 AM from United States

1.  driving, driving and more driving.  i race sports cars and simply cannot get enough of it.  it has a calming effect on my; when i’m in that zone, everything else fades away.  it’s the chicken soup for MY soul!

2.  skiing.  up in the mountains, at one with nature, the rhythmic sound of the skis on the snow while carving esses is simply heaven.

3.  food.  i love to cook it and i love to eat it.  lately i’m on a japanese kick; it’s ginger tuna tempura over sweet rice cakes tonight!

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 11:55 AM from United States

Three is a tough limit, but I’ll try, with the exception noted aboev (family, which trupms all):

1.  Cooking and eating in almost any way (and figuring out new ways is great).  I am just ramping up for barbeque season: low fire, lots of smoke, 3 hours or so for a rack of ribs (And gas grills are for pussies).  I also love my woks-need a new, bigger one.  Love trying new meats-at our big summer bash I always make chili with the meat of at least three animals not normally found in grocery stores-last year was lion, gator and emu.  I take great pride in making my own things that most people buy in stores: soup stock, bread, BBQ sauce, etc.

2.  My job, teaching.  Like most teachers I will complain endlessly about all sorts of shit, but seeing that “aha” moment come to a ditzy 14 year old (and not just to the honor level kids) is great.  Seeing a C student I taught three years ago and having him still remember the econ I drilled into his head is also cool.  Unlike most teachers I like running into my students (past and present) outside school (unless they are driving which scares the shit out of me).  I live in my school service area and most of my colleagues think I am nuts to do so.  Oh and summers off is great-I for one don’t bitch about our pay-I’d love more money, but ten weeks off in the summer is worth making less than I might in other professions.

3.  Uhhh how about a four way tie?  Reading (history, econ, sci fi), tinkering on the house (painting, converting my deck into a play set and rebuilding a fence tis summer), video games (limit two at a time: Civilization and Battlefield 2 currently) and soccer (playing, not watching).

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 11:55 AM from United States

Shit I forgot guns: shooting and hunting

Posted by InsipiD on 05/16/09 at 11:58 AM from United States

Sean G: good on ya.  That’s some cool stuff.  I’ve done a little of it, but my fear of getting caught has kept me from some of it.

1.  Dogs.  I like cats, too, but I think that there’s a unique bond between humans and dogs.  There is a commonality of emotion that seems it must be God-given that makes dogs a great pet and companion.

2.  Photography.  Though I do a lot of digital photography as well, I’ve actually been shooting more film lately than any time since I was in high school.  I often use cameras I’ve bought at thrift stores.  I develop most of my film myself, though I recently shot my first-ever roll of Kodachrome, which must be sent off.

3.  Cars.  I’ve been a gearhead since I was about 8.  I’ve hated this recent meltdown, especially since I feel like the last few years have given us some of the fastest, prettiest, best-handling, and most reliable cars ever built.  Though it’s 5 years old, I still think that the Chrysler 300 is so good-looking that it couldn’t have been built that way.  Never mind with the Hemi V8.

I have others (Johnny Cash’s music, wine, writing essays), but those are my top 3.

Posted by Sean Galbraith on 05/16/09 at 12:02 PM from Canada

Insipid: I’ve only been caught once: by a SWAT team and K-9 unit. Whoops. Got a warning and was sent on my way. Good times. Being a photographer is your best defense… warnings are common if you’re not smashing up the place.

I sold all my digital gear last November and have moved to medium format film only. Love it. Don’t develop my own, but I love how shooting film feels. Very different from digital.

Posted by InsipiD on 05/16/09 at 12:11 PM from United States

Sean G: If you’ve gone to medium format film, you’re just $100 away from developing it anyway.

Some of my favorites to look at as far as abandoned structures are at UER and Illicit Ohio, but then I reckon you’re familiar with both.  If not, go straight to Illicit Ohio and check out the former Mike Tyson house.

As for getting caught by the SWAT, that’s some pants-shit time right there.

Posted by Sean Galbraith on 05/16/09 at 12:15 PM from Canada

They were nice guys, the SWAT team. Of course, of the 3 of us who got busted, I’m the only one who ended up in handcuffs. :-)

I’m a regular on UER. Haven’t been on IO yet, but I’ll check that out for sure.

I shoot C-41 only, so I don’t think home developing is an attractive option.

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 12:49 PM from United States

1.  Grilling.  Love to grill.  I mean, LOVE to grill.  Gas, charcoal, its all good.  And it is always grilling season (even in the dead of winter in Minnesota).  Have gotten quite the knack for smoking ribs, too.  All I need is a bigger smoker so I can cook for more than just 4-5 people.  I did see this thing at Home Depot on the way home from taekwondo class this morning, and I’m still creaming my pants over it (it has a fridge built in!).

2.  Diablo II.  Still the greatest video game ever made, and I still play it.

3.  Minnesota Wild Hockey (yes, Hockey is a proper noun here in Minnesota).  Even when they suck, I still love watching Wild games...especially live, as their arena is the finest arena in all of sports (and I’ve been to quite a few).

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 01:54 PM from Germany

1) History.  It’s been a fixation since I was in elementary school, learning about the Civil War.  I’ve focused more on military history and the American West as I’ve gotten older, but I won’t take any kind of vacation without finding something historical in the local area to visit. I have stacks of historical epics and documentaries on DVD. Yeah, I’m obsessed.

2) Denver Broncos football and Baltimore Orioles baseball.  The best birthday present anyone ever got me was when my now ex-girlfriend got me tickets to an Orioles game during Cal Ripken’s last season, and I can say that I’ve been there for one of John Elway’s patented 4th-quarter comebacks in the last two minutes of the game.  I’ve followed both teams since I was in the first grade, and will continue to do so no matter how crappy they play.

3) Heavy metal--just about everything from the godfathers (Sabbath and Priest) up through the genre’s heyday in the late 80s-early 90s.  And yes, that includes the big hair, no-substance, frat-boy party bands like Warrant and Firehouse.

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 01:58 PM from Germany

Photographing abandoned buildings. What started out as a hobby, turned into an obsession, which lead to a second career, and (this fall) a television series on Bravo. http://www.smlg.ca is my portfolio site, for those interested. 1a is photography in general. One of the few visual arts I actually like.

I really enjoy looking at those kinds of photographs, too.  There’s a desolate, surreal kind of beauty looking at an abandoned warehouse or barn.

Posted by salinger on 05/16/09 at 02:03 PM from United States

I can say that I’ve been there for one of John Elway’s patented 4th-quarter comebacks in the last two minutes of the game.

Unfortunately me too - difference being it was in my home town, Cleveland.

Curse you John Elway!

At least we have Lebron this year.

Posted by NativeSon on 05/16/09 at 02:21 PM from United States

Just 3 thing....... Okay, I won’t include my son then.

1) Being a musician. Playing my bass. Writing a song and seeing people in the crowd sing along to it. Being on stage and looking out and watching everyone having a good time.

2) Working with the mentally disabled. Working with the deaf. Combining the 2 and working with mentally disabled people that are also deaf. Teaching independent living skills. Helping them to find work in the community and not in a sheltered workshop.

3) Bowfishing. Traditional archery. Making my own arrows. Standing on the boat and shooting a fish and “reeling” it in by hand and then cooking the fish for my family that night.

Good post, Jim. It’s nice to learn what everyone is interested in. I see we have several cooks among us too. I didn’t add that to my list but I love to cook. Especially grilling. I did a couple of beer can chickens last night. Delicious!

Posted by HARLEY on 05/16/09 at 02:30 PM from United States

3 things? oh damm jim, you are killing me.
ok here it it, the most obvious.

1. Firearms:
I been shooting since i was 5 years old, I love the mechanics and art behind this sport. I have a nice ever growing collection of small arms from handguns to rifle, its almost a fetish.
I probably do take it a bit to seriously, between the politics of the mater and the personal responsibility issues. I
I also REALLY enjoy teaching children and new shooters how to shoot fire arms correctly.
It is really a joy to watch then learn grwo and show responsibility and the patience that comes with l;earning how to shoot. Two of my friends, who love to give me shit about being a “gunnut”,
when the both wanted someone to teach their 9 year olds how to shoot, they came to me, and i of course was happy to teach them.

Sci-fi, history, space sciences, geology, engineering and aerospace. 
2a David Webers Space Opera, The Honor Harrington series, and pretty much all his other books, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournell, Ben Bova John Ringo, and Peter Hamilton are jsuat few i love to read. 
2b. David McCulloughs books 1776 and john Adams WOW!  Anything in history from the early kingdoms in the Indus valley to recent events. I suck it up like a sponge.
2cdef ... anything that catches my eye, i pick up and read, when i get the chance.

3. Computers
I been dicking around with these damm things for 14 years now, and the more i learn about them the more i realize im addicted. I build PCS and repair them for people here in town, i usually get paid in beer, but what the hell, between working on them and the several games i love to play, i know there is no turning back.

Posted by Miguelito on 05/16/09 at 02:50 PM from United States

1.  I LOVE the “technobabble” sci fi shows.  My current favorites being Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.  I love the stargate universe and their take on who the ancient gods really were.  Star Trek; TNG, DS9 and Voyager, are favorites as well.  I find the technology made up for the shows always seems to “capture my imagination” if you will.  I believe with enough knowledge and a certain mastery over the physical world anything is possible.

I’m completely with you on that one.  Stargate is one that I’ve grown to love.  I didn’t have SHO back when it started but had liked the movie, and finally bought the DVD sets several years back.  I thought the series started out a little slow but they way they’ve weaved the different mythologies of earth into the different alien species and such has been really fun to keep up with.  I also like that they’ve never really gotten too serious with themselves.  For some reason I’ve really gotten into Atlantis even more, the character of McKay really cracks me up.  The movie that Hewlett made with a bunch of his SGA co-stars was pretty funny too.

Posted by Miguelito on 05/16/09 at 03:00 PM from United States

oops.. forgot my other 2.. the scifi shows were 1. along with sorta TV/movies in general.  I’m up to over 1200 DVDs/BluRays now.. so it’s not just a passing thing with me.  I’ve got a good chunk of change in my HT setup too for proper enjoyement. :)

2. Also computers (big shocker).  I’ve been tinkering since my friend from across the street had a dad with computers back to early kits in the early 80s.  My first experience in my family was an Apple //c my grandparents owned (they only lived a block away) and our first was an 8086 based AT&T;computer with DOS 3.x and dual floppies.  Getting the 20Meg HDD a year later was insane at the time.  Hobby grew into a career and I’ve been a unix admin for almost 12 years now.  I tinker less at home then I used to, but I still do some.  I just upgraded my personal server to a quad core i7 with 12gig of ram and dual 1.5TB disks.  It seems like yesterday we were in awe that our division’s filers added up to a whopping 5TB!  Now I’ve got that much disk in various computers and Tivos at home.  Love keeping up with tech.

3. Also a dog person and I mix that with exercise for overall better health.  I’ve been busting my ass for almost 2 years now loosing weight and taking my dog for 2 daily walks has been a big part of why I’ve been successful.  I’ve been working on changing how I deal with food as well in order to keep the pounds off now.

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 03:37 PM from United States

After family and good friends:

1. Almost any book concerning vampires. It’s a huge fascination with me.I became so lost in Ann Rice’s books that it took a second reading several years later to notice all the homoerotic currents.
(Hey I’m 60 years old and haven’t sucked a dick yet so it probably won’t turn you either.)

2. A 1992 Buick Riviera pearl white in color that “shines like a n*ggers eye” in the sun.

3. An old red haired shepherd mix dog I got out of the pound twelve years ago.And the fact that we both need an aspirin once in a while for those stiff joints kinda days.

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 04:57 PM from United States

Following family and friends, of course:

- Fitness - I am a fitness FREAK, such that I am in the gym 6-7 days per week, I just took a job as a Personal Trainer and I own my own website devoted to fitness :) You’ll also find me on my mountain bike whenever it’s warm enough and I can find 3-4 hours in a block.

- My band - My music has been with me since I was a wee little thing somewhat resembling a human.  Been playing for 25 years (and I’m not yet 30!).  The experience of being on stage and knowing the kind of joy music can bring to others is a pretty amazing experience.  Check us out if you’re bored: http://www.homesliceband.com

- Video games - I remember playing my first video game (yes, it actually WAS Pong) on the Atari when I was about 4 years old.  Since then it’s been a love affair.  I’m currently playing Killzone 2 on my PS3 and Anarchy Online on my PC.

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 05/16/09 at 05:10 PM from United States

1. Eighties music. It was probably the last decade in which music was really fun to listen to, cheese and all.

2. World-building games like the Civilization series. I just like the idea of being a God :)

3. I also love the technobabble shows (as long as Amanda Tapping is doing the babbling ;))And I like classic sci fi from the sixties through the seventies.

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 07:36 PM from United States

1: Reading. I mean anything. History, SciFi, adventure, training manuals,bio’s, text books, studies, travel books, anything. i have even been known to read the side of a cereal box! Not a lot stays in the grey matter but I keep trying to fill it.

2: Talk Radio. Often serious, sometimes irreverent and frequently funny. The one thing that keeps me sane in an insane world.

3: My motorbike. Nothing wakes you up like a commute to work on a motorbike. No other method of transport I have used gives the same freedom. I wish I had learned to ride 20 years ago.

Posted by Hal_10000 on 05/16/09 at 08:16 PM from United States

1.  I LOVE the “technobabble” sci fi shows.  My current favorites being Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.  I love the stargate universe and their take on who the ancient gods really were.  Star Trek; TNG, DS9 and Voyager, are favorites as well.  I find the technology made up for the shows always seems to “capture my imagination” if you will.  I believe with enough knowledge and a certain mastery over the physical world anything is possible.

I love sci-fi, but almost in the opposite sense.  I love ones that are character driven like Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, Firefly, Babylon 5, the original Star Trek.

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 09:01 PM from United States

I can’t believe I’m the only one on here that seems to be just DYING to list sex as my number one thing. I can’t help it… I love my husband and I love sex! So sue me. BUT… if we’re not going there… ;)

1) The works of William Shakespeare. I’ve been enraptured by The Bard since I first read Romeo & Juliet in ninth grade and my love has never waned. Considering I did a Shakespeare concentration at Yale and did my senior thesis on Pericles I could in fact be considered a Shakespearean scholar. :) 1a is books in general, although I should say I’m a serious book elisitst snob and only read “literature”. Yeah, I know, I suck. :p

2) Movies. Any and all movies - I don’t discriminate. I watch a movie every single night before bed - I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now. I’ve been discovering all types of movies that I never knew existed and have developed a love of certain types of indie films.

3) Our cats and our rats when they were alive. I pretty much adore all animals… save for dogs with whom I strangely don’t seem to get along. Our cats are my kids and I heap love on them like crazy. I loved loved LOVED our rats when they were alive - rats are the greatest pets and get such a bad rap. We had five kitties and ELEVEN rats at one point. We’re now down to just three cats and all our rats are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. :(

Oh, and to everyone who said they loved ‘80s music (I’m looking at you, WVR!).... HELL YEAH!!! I did serious touring with a lot of the glam metal bands in the late ‘80s and know a lot of those guys. Damn that was a great time. :)

Great thread, baby! :)

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 05/16/09 at 09:16 PM from United States

I like Mark Twain. He captured the voice of the 19th century common man like none other. Also Sherlock Holmes pistaches (that sound like the real thing, like The Seven Per Cent Solution, not parodies).

Posted by HARLEY on 05/16/09 at 10:14 PM from United States

other than my family, of course i have to squeeze in my over sized boxers, I really dont know what we would do with out them, they are half our entertainment at home.

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 11:05 PM from Germany

I can’t believe I’m the only one on here that seems to be just DYING to list sex as my number one thing.

Donna, you didn’t see my kidding about it above?!  :-) Good for you - recognizing and embracing the reptilian part of our brains!  Yay!

Reminds of a funny python episode - they’re interviewing some guy after a contest and ask him to name his top three hobbies.  He says “golf, masturbating and strangling small animals”.  The commentators say, “Too bad, he let himself down on the hobbies a bit - golf’s not very popular in these parts”.

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 11:24 PM from Germany

3. Living in downtown Toronto

Sean G, I was born in TO, and grew up in Port Credit, but lived as a young man in Toronto until I moved to the US when I was 30.  Toronto is a great city - if it weren’t for the winters, I’d probably have stayed.

Also, what specifically do you like about the feel of real film as opposed to digital?

I don’t think digital is quite there yet, but close - with enough bit depth and resolution there is nothing you won’t be able do with digital that you can do with film.  Like any weird chemical process that films undergo which make colors or shades shift around (like that bleach process seen in Gladiator for example)… that’s just a specific 3d vector-space mapping.  Think of all the possible mappings you can do with digital - totally general.  Cool stuff all of it though.

I knew Lee because we worked in the film business together.  Digital is so much better than film - as far as work goes - no “dust busting”, no “gate weave” to remove, no scans to review every day and judge “1/2 point too cyan” because the lab missed the printing a bit.  Mind you, if you like dust or gate weave, we can add it in for you! :-)

Posted by on 05/16/09 at 11:55 PM from Germany

Unfortunately me too - difference being it was in my home town, Cleveland.


Posted by on 05/17/09 at 12:46 AM from United States

1) Movies - Love going to the movies...especially the little movie houses where they re-screen older movies. One place has midnight shows where they recently showed Robocopy, Back To The Future, etc. Can watch at home...but something about watching on big screen in theatre.

2) Nazi Zombie mode in Call Of Duty - I am just addicted to this mini-game in Call Of Duty World At War. Just something about killing wave after wave of Nazi Zombies with your friends. You enventually get overtaken, but damn it is addicting.

3) Making movies with neices and nephews - They just did a movie with their Dad that I edited for them. Was fun to work with adding soundtrack, learning blue screen techniques and such. Hope to get them motivated to do another one.

Posted by Sean Galbraith on 05/17/09 at 05:16 AM from Germany

James: I grew up in Erindale. The winters can be a bit harsh at time, but they do make me appreciate summer more. I lived in Tampa for 6 years… I definitely missed winter (and seasons in general).

For me, film still has a certain look that digital doesn’t (yet). I like that shooting film forces me to slow down and be more determined in what I shoot, and that I won’t know if I got it right until later. I’m not a film purist, though, since I then scan all my negs (I rarely get small prints made with my development) and then finesse them in photoshop and print digitally. Also, since my art prints start at about 36” wide, there is no substitution for resolution.

Posted by on 05/17/09 at 07:05 PM from United States

1. TiVo - Not loser, poseur cable-company DVRs, but honest-to-god TiVo. I don’t need to say anything else...anyone who has a TiVo already knows this, and anyone who doesn’t is hopeless anyway.

2. “Lost”. I’m already depressed that there are only 16 more episodes.

3. Family, kids, etc, as long as they don’t interrupt me while I’m watching Lost on my TiVo.

Oh...and beer. Lots of beer. Like tonight, which is probably why I’m writing this ridiculous post. (Except for that part about TiVo being awesome.) (And the kids have been a pain in the ass today, which is why they aren’t listed in the top 2. :-) )

Posted by Aaron - Free Will on 05/17/09 at 08:13 PM from United States

“I can’t believe I’m the only one on here that seems to be just DYING to list sex as my number one thing. I can’t help it… I love my husband and I love sex! So sue me.

I’d make my significant other write that, too. (Heh!)

Sean: Abandoned buildings? Now I understand why you actually like Detroit.

Posted by Aaron - Free Will on 05/17/09 at 09:14 PM from United States

Oh, and off-topic, but has anyone seen the new Nissan Neverlaid?

Posted by on 05/17/09 at 11:59 PM from Germany

Aaron, Nissan - ugh.  Heinous.  I have a close buddy who loves that kind of car.  He’s lost all interest in getting laid from what I can tell.

Posted by The Contrarian on 05/18/09 at 04:42 AM from Germany

1. Writing. I’m working on a novel right now and I have tons of short stories. Mostly I write science-fiction and essays. I work as a columnist for a magazine in Tokyo and write for a few blogs. I also have English and Japanese language journals. Basically writing dominates all of my free time, is the first thing I think of when I wake up, and the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep.

2. Video games. Most PS3 these days. Finally beat GTA4 (there’s so much shit to get distracted with) and I’m working on Killzone 2 now. Mostly I like RPG’s.

3. Reading. I love mystery novels and noir. I’ve read everything by Mickey Spillane. I also love sci-fi, comics, and manga. I’ve got a pretty bitchin’ collection going now that I can read Japanese and shit is so much cheaper out here.

Posted by on 05/18/09 at 05:07 AM from United Kingdom

1. Directing. I was going to say Movies and Theatre, but what really fascinates me is how these stories are directed. I love Shakespeare because they are stories I know so well, and every new production I see will suprise me in some way. I have also directed several productions on and off West End, and the whole process from a germ of an idea to realisation on the satge is amazing and scary and fantastic.

2. Comedy. Basically I love to laugh, so I actively seek out any type of comedy I can - and can be quite geeky about it. I have written for a couple of stand-ups, and know the UK comedy circuit quite well, and am trying to explore the NYC scene a little. Uncovering a comedic gem in a tiny comedy club and laughing your ass off for 45 minutes is a great feeling.

3. Football. And I mean proper football, the one you play with your feet ;-) - Playing and watching. It is such a viscereal game, but has more drama and better storylines than most TV dramas. It just fascinates me, and is such good fun to talk about - it’s all about opinions really. Except we lost the title to Man Utd on Saturday, so right now I’m in mourning a little bit....

Posted by on 05/18/09 at 08:46 PM from United States

1.  Sports - I’ll watch just about anything, but I’m from St. Louis where Cardinal baseball is religion.  I was at the game we beat Detroit in 2006 to win the World Series.  That’s one of those “greatest moments” I’d wish for any fan who truly loves his (or her) team.  Er, as long as they’re not beating the Cards, of course.

2.  Movies - I particularly love slapstick-type comedies (Airplane, Caddyshack and There’s Something About Mary are hilarious!) and any horror.  I’m a huge fan of the Friday the 13th series, and I’m with the earlier poster - zombies are cool!

3.  Music - A cop out, especially after movies.  But I honestly can listen to almost anything.  I’m not huge on opera (though I own one), but I do have country, celtic, rap, hip hop, heavy metal, big band, Judy Garland, Rat Pack, world, Xmas, Motown, bagpipe (yes, bagpipe), Andrew Lloyd Weber, oldies, etc.  If I’m really lagging in something, it’s alternative rock.  And the fave...never thought I’d say it, but I gotta go with WVR - it’s all about the EIGHTIES, brother!

I’d give honorable mentions to reading and writing, but I’ve slacked off on both in the last ten years.  I really need to get back to my roots.

Posted by Sean Galbraith on 05/18/09 at 09:25 PM from Germany

Aaron: Detroit is like Disneyland filled with strippers to me.

Posted by Aaron - Free Will on 05/18/09 at 09:33 PM from United States

We built one of those in Nevada.

Posted by Sean Galbraith on 05/19/09 at 10:02 AM from Canada

It is definitely on its way to becoming the next Detroit.

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