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Somebody Bring Me Some Fatwa
by Lee

I got some great cartoons, which are a clear indication of the total lack of any discernible artistic skill among the denizens of this blog.  Anyhow, here’s my contribution.


In case you’re curious, the text on the pig’s body is “Allah” in Arabic.  Here are the other submissions. 

Update: These are definitely not safe for work, school, or any other place where you might get your tit in the wringer over stuff being offensive.  (Thanks, Jabba!)

Update 2: Here are links to Part II and Part III.

From Dirk Steele:


From GripeBoy:


From Kurt:


From Mishu:


From Nethicus:


From WV Rebel:


And lastly, this one comes from a great website called The Study of Revenge:


Posted by Lee on 01/31/06 at 01:01 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by Helo on 01/31/06 at 02:14 AM from United States

Give me a call if you need a bodyguard, Lee :) I’ll work a 24 hour shift if you provide turkey jerky and Aquafina.

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 01/31/06 at 02:19 AM from United States

We are a cheeky bunch, aren’t we? :^D

Posted by FPrefect on 01/31/06 at 05:01 AM from United States

I put this link on the Cartoons for Allah topic but I think it would do good here.


Zombie has a good little history of images of the this puke.

Posted by HARLEY on 01/31/06 at 05:41 AM from United States

what? minde didnt rate? or did you not get it Lee?
WV, i love that one......

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 07:16 AM from Australia

The original ones:

I pasted in a long URL and hosed the page for everyone else

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 08:35 AM from United States

I’m speechless, because I’m laughing too hard.

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 09:31 AM from United States

When did Lee ask for the contributions?  Boy, I miss EVERYTHING!

I’d have LOVED to have my 11 year old draw a pretty wittew cartoon of Osam getting his pork on....

Dave D.

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 09:37 AM from United States

Man am I clueless!  Just found your post from yesterday asking for submissions.  Maybe I should, like, READ all of the posts before I post?


How many total have you received so far, Lee?

Posted by Lee on 01/31/06 at 10:19 AM from United States

As of the time of this post last night these were all I had received.

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 03:58 PM from Canada

Not to criticize your artistic merit, but if you are going to do something like this again, can you keep all the pictures behind a not safe for work label.  Someone could get fired for harassment.

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 06:08 PM from United States

hello there!

first time poster, long time lurker!

i have to say that gripe boys picture is by far the best. i mean, the scenery is FANTASTIC!

i may just have to run out and see bareback mountain for the “sweeping landscapes"…

uh, pass..like trent dilfer to the ground.

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 06:50 PM from United States

i have to say that gripe boys picture is by far the best.

Wow. Thanks! I really captured the beauty of the regional scenery, didn’t I?

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 10:24 PM from United States

Holy shit Lee, get ready for the Fatwas to start flying fast and furious!!

PS- “Love is a force of fundamentalism"- comon man, put that in the rotating slogan in the banner!

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 10:39 PM from United States

Alternately, I’m thinking of changing my handle to “Fatwa Bastard”

Should I make the switch? :)

Posted by Nethicus on 01/31/06 at 11:03 PM from United States

I now realize I should have had the title of my parody as “Bareback Mohammed”.  That way I could piss off more people in Bali.

Posted by on 01/31/06 at 11:15 PM from United States

Is the spelling Mohammad, or Muhammad? Osama or Usama? The military used to say we must capture UBL PDQ - it seems to be spelled OBL now. Quaddafi or Kadaffi? These countries should have freaking embassies which hold spelling press conferences. Qatar should come out and obey the u-after-q rule, and say they are not pronounced “gutter”. What a bunch of neandrathal nuclear-equipped idiots.

Posted by Drumwaster on 01/31/06 at 11:59 PM from United States

Quaddafi or Kadaffi?

According to one blurb I read, the NYT official guide has 24 approved spellings of this guy’s last name…

{/not vouching for accuracy}

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