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Somebody done broke somethin’
by JimK

Well, earlier today I thought we were getting DDOS’d, but it turns out that today’s server hiccup was caused by fixing one the other night.  Someone at the hosting service optimized something for me and forgot to comment out a line, and eventually, like Michael Moore at a Chinese buffet, it consumed all the resources. Should be good now. Sorry about that everyone! You may now resume your schadenfreude at a lame-duck President with more than three years left in his term. :)

Posted by JimK on 10/05/09 at 09:13 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by HARLEY on 10/05/09 at 09:36 AM from Germany

oh i think that we are gonna have a few more years of him.

Posted by AlexinCT on 10/05/09 at 01:49 PM from United States

like Michael Moore at a Chinese buffet, it consumed all the resources

You been here 4 hours! This is all you can eat, not eat all you can. You people like killer whale!..

Speaking of which. This happened in real life back in 2001 with a bunch of friends of mine in a restaurant in Milwaukee. Let’s just say these friends of mine where the kind that would walk into a restaurant and tell the poor shlob panicking to see them come into their place that there was X number of us there for grazing. These guys put the big in “big eaters”. Scary stuff. Anyway, I hear there is some comedian now using it. I am going to get rich! The new American dream is to sue…

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