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Stormin’ Norman
by Lee

The lefties out there in bloggoville have been making much of Stormin’ Normal Schwarzkopf’s comments about the impending war in Iraq.  Broken77 left this link in the comments section of Warming Up the Camera.  Even fucktard got in on the action.  Now, even though Schwarzkopf said he had his reservatons, here’s what I think the salient paragraph is:

“The thought of Saddam Hussein with a sophisticated nuclear capability is a frightening thought, okay?” he says. “Now, having said that, I don’t know what intelligence the U.S. government has. And before I can just stand up and say, ‘Beyond a shadow of a doubt, we need to invade Iraq,’ I guess I would like to have better information.” [Emphasis Added]

So, in other words, he had his reservations, but before he could say either way he wanted more info.  Now, take a look at his comments since the State of the Union address:

[O]n Wednesday, Gen.Schwarzkopf told NBC’s Today show he thought President Bush’s State of the Union speech was “very compelling,” and he said he looks forward to hearing the declassified information that Secretary of State Colin Powell will share with the world next week.

“Saddam’s got to go,” Schwarzkopf said Wednesday morning. “He’s a monster in every single way you can think of and with the linkage to the terrorists, it’s scary what in fact could be done.”

Schwarzkopf said he expects key facts to emerge after Powell briefs the U.N. Security Council next Wednesday. “I think that the intelligence people obviously have information about activities, and I think you’re going to see proof of those activities that show that in fact Saddam Hussein still has nuclear weapons or chemical weapons or biological weapons in his possession and has in fact hidden them someplace...I think that there’s going to be conclusive evidence to show that he has not destroyed all the weapons that they say he’s destroyed.”

The general told NBC he would like to see the U.N. weapons inspectors come up with more hard evidence. “But I just think the time has come. We’ve kicked this football up and down the field over again. Saddam is a legitimate monster, and he’s got to go - there’s no question about that.”

Sorry lefties.

Posted by Lee on 01/30/03 at 09:16 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


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