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Tell Me About The Hookers, Stanley!
by Lee

Wendy Jo Sperber has died.

Actress WENDIE JO SPERBER, who starred alongside TOM HANKS in the hit ‘80s sitcom “Bosom Buddies,” passed away Tuesday evening after a long battle with breast cancer, according to her publicist. She was 46. Sperber was a prolific sitcom and movie star; she also appeared in the ‘80s sitcom “Private Benjamin” and had more recently starred on the NBC hit “Will & Grace,” as well as in movies like ‘Back to the Future.’ The comedienne also founded the weSPARK Cancer Support Center in 2001. Hanks released the following statement on Sperber: “The memory of Wendie Jo is that of a walking inspiration. She met the challenges of her illness with love, cheer, joy, altruism through weSPARK, and an unstoppable supply of Goodness. We are going to miss her as surely as we are all better for knowing her.”

You’d all recognize this gal.  I blog on this because when I lived in Los Angeles in the mid-90s I almost got set up on a blind date with her.  I knew a girl who was friends with her, and she said that Wendy Jo had just got out of a relationship and was looking to go out with some new people, and that I was just her type.  But, for one reason or another it never happened.  How weird.

Posted by Lee on 11/30/05 at 10:08 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 12/01/05 at 08:01 AM from United States

That story sounds familiar, have you told it before Lee?

Posted by on 12/01/05 at 08:11 AM from United States

OK, Lee.  I’m clueless.  What’s with the title and how does it relate to Wendy or your near-miss blind date?

Dave D.

Posted by Lee on 12/01/05 at 09:05 AM from United States

OK, Lee.  I’m clueless.  What’s with the title and how does it relate to Wendy or your near-miss blind date?

It was a line her character said in the movie Bachelor Party.  She played Tina Gascoe, Tom Hanks’ sister-in-law.

Posted by on 12/01/05 at 09:28 AM from United States

She was a terrific lady, an underappreciated comedic actress, and a relentless, tireless activist/advocate for breast cancer awareness and treatment.

She will be missed.

Posted by on 12/01/05 at 11:04 AM from United States

Bachelor Party!

Posted by on 12/01/05 at 01:16 PM from United States

Thanks for the response, Lee.  I recall her yelling this to her husband Stanley after she finds out about the party and its “components”. 

Wasn’t she one of the most ACTIVE participants at the male strip club, too!

Ahh, Bachelor Party.  Another very forgettable movie about 80’s mores and similar.  One of those “Good ‘n Stupid” movies.... 

Was she on the SNL knock off “Fridays” or am I mixing her up with someone else?

Dave D.

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