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The economy, government spending, and healthcare..

I have been busier than a one legged man at an ass-kicking contest the last month or so, and have not posed much, but today I have finally gotten some slow time and decided it was time to get back at it. And I think the appropriate place to start is with the current economic crisis gripping the world, and closer at home, this whole government healthcare takeover thingy, better know as Obamacare. Since everyone but the usual bureaucrats seem to understand the budgetary problems facing the great Western socialist paradises on the verge of economic collapse are caused because the parasites “working” in government have had a great run for the last few decades buying themselves both power and bennies with other people’s money, and are discussing the fact that we can’t keep spending at the rate we are, it should be obvious that this massive government expansion would remain unpopular and continue to get more unpopular as people realize the economic impacts associated with it. In fact, the numbers for those of us wanting it repealed, have climbed to 63%, and they are just going to keep going up as even the CBO now has to admit. I am sure the democrats are quite surprised that it now looks like Obamacare will not save us anything but actually cost more. And that is with a shameful slight of hand/scam used by those promoting this most massive government expansion since the first day of the Roosevelt socialist takeover, that allows the government to collect taxes for 10 years, but then only offer services for the last 5 or 6 years in a 10 year cycle. As I have pointed out repeatedly, it should be blatantly obvious that there is no arguing that even if the program doesn’t end up as I suspect it will deep in the red in the first decade, come the next 10 year cycle, the program is going to be short a trillion or more from the start.

The left made a successful run at power starting back in 2008 by pointing out the lack of fiscal discipline by the demcorats. Of course, many forget that despite the president’s best efforts spending is done by Congress, and that Bush’s worst years are those after the demcorats took over in 2006. The left of course blamed Bush’s “warmongering” for the out of control spending despite the obvious fact that this stuff was peanuts compared to the massive, bloated, and ever expanding social spending. Many like me laughed hard at the demcorats pretending to be fiscal hawks, and warned others that they were being lied to. Now but 18 months after they sweeped, we have tacked on, in a single year no less, more than all the Bush years combined. And we are going to tack on oodles more, even if we discount the disastrous Obamacare government takeover of the healthcare monies and decision making process (because that is really what this was about) masquerading as healthcare reform, because that’s what these people are about. Call me cruel or insensitive to my fellow man, but I still remain unable to quantify any benefits for society as a whole from all this social spending, and see it doing far more damage than good, but that’s neither here nor there. When we have created a whole new ever expanding class of serfs dependant on government for their daily subsistence – people that have trade freedoms in return for minimal security, and have as a result neither – that are akin to slaves, lacking in any desire to contribute to the advancement of mankind, other than by the means, I see very little good coming from all this spending. At least the money spent on the military provides decent and good jobs for hardworking taxpayers. Hey, maybe I am just biased that way…

The fact is that this collectivist stuff, past anything other than a family unit, is unsustainable. No, that’s not just my opinion, as the facts clearly prove. The people that see government and this socialist stuff as the answer to everything are trying to reverse course with actions like this one, or this one, all the while maligning and blaming the only system that has actually created new wealth and helped improve our standard of living on this planet, while the collectivists remain good, and that is me being generous because they even suck at that, at wealth redistribution and destruction schemes. The stuff that has gotten us where we are now (no, it was not Bush), and the people that know, are predicting even more bad times.

I often wonder why so many still do not realize or see how Obamacare is going to serve only to speed up our demise. And it isn’t even as if we are actually going to get something good from it. Oh, sure the usual morons have argued about the evils of private insurance and how this government takeover addresses that, but anyone making that argument is an absolute moron. If anything, you will see the very things that so concerned and angered them when done by private insurance companies, happen with more frequency now that a broke government looking to drag out the circling process that is taking us all down the drain as long as possible, will be in charge. You think those evil insurance people were bad? Wait until you have to deal with a spiteful and petty government employee that gets off on the power that their ability to make your life miserable by denying you services, gives them. At least when the insurance companies did it you were under the illusion that you could seek redress from government. Who will you turn to when it is government that is putting the screws to you? Other government employees? Yeah, good luck with that. Don’t worry though. At the rate we are going we might just implode and all end up without healthcare or anything else for that matter, returning to a 19th century standard of living. But in the eyes of these collectivist that would be a good thing – social justice has been served since we are all equally miserable – considering that the only evil they see is that life doesn’t guarantee equality of outcome.

UPDATE: Arthur C. Brooks has this absolutely awesome piece titled “America’s new culture war: Free enterprise vs. government control” over on the WaPO opinion pages. A must read to understand what is currently going on.

Posted by AlexinCT on 05/24/10 at 08:37 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


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