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The Man Who Wasn’t There

For a guy who caused so much commotion during the primaries, Ron Paul seems to have become all but invisible these days.

...Paul has no speaking role at the GOP convention. He said his staff made overtures to the party, but nothing came of its efforts.

Republican Party spokeswoman Joanna Burgos said she had to research whether Paul was invited to speak when asked about a convention role for Paul.

“Our focus is really on this side of the river,” Burgos said. “We think there’s enough excitement and energy on this side.” McCain’s campaign spokesman did not return a phone message.

Paul’s faithful still hope to permeate the ranks of the establishment by winning local and state races and pulling in disenchanted party members. There are a couple dozen Paul delegates attending the GOP convention, though some loyalists say there are more delegates who support Paul.

The end of the Revolution? Meanwhile, his die-hard followers seem even more intent on reliving the Sixties than the Democrats:

Paul backers who aren’t staying at the Minneapolis hotel or a budget motel planned to bunk in group cabins at Camp Ihduhapi on Lake Independence, park RVs or pitch tents at campgrounds or head to a Goodhue, Minn., dairy farm for Ronstock ‘08, an imitation of the 1960s Woodstock counterculture festival. Organizers there say a neighbor of the farm’s owner is donating a cow to feed the flock.

For my own part, I think either Ron Paul or Bob Barr should at least be allowed to attend if they’re not already. McCain has chosen a running mate who’s about as libertarian as the party is going to get these days; perhaps some outreach to libertarians is in order. But if the Paulites want to sit it out in protest, that’s their problem. Libertarianism deserves a serious discussion, but the Paulites don’t seem ready to have one.

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 08/30/08 at 03:00 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 08/30/08 at 04:30 PM from United States

Why would Paul be invited to the convention when he’s not supporting the party this election?

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 08/30/08 at 04:32 PM from United States

Well, he did run as a Republican…

Posted by on 08/30/08 at 04:43 PM from United States

So? He’s said that Obama and McCain are exactly the same. Should they invite him to speak so he can blast the nominee?

Posted by on 08/30/08 at 09:29 PM from United States

Sarah Palin is *libertarian*. You, my friend, are a douchebag.

Creationism in schools, criminalizing abortion even in cases of rape/incest, increase of sales tax as mayor/mgr of Wasilla to cover costs of a sports center, etc. etc.

If ignorance is bliss, this site is an Amsterdam brothel stocked with meth.

Posted by Ed Kline on 08/31/08 at 04:39 AM from United States

Creationism in schools, criminalizing abortion even in cases of rape/incest,

You’re deliberately conflating her personal beliefs with her political record....bad liberal idiot.

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 08/31/08 at 06:27 PM from United States

She said she’s in favor of allowing both to be taught and having a debate. At least it’s a step forward.

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