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The Right To The Beach

On the same week when one of their most overspent countries is teetering on the brink of complete fiscal collapse owing to over-generous government employee benefits, the EU is closing in on securing humanity’s newest “right”.

AN overseas holiday used to be thought of as a reward for a year’s hard work. Now Brussels has declared that tourism is a human right and pensioners, youths and those too poor to afford it should have their travel subsidised by the taxpayer.

Under the scheme, British pensioners could be given cut-price trips to Spain, while Greek teenagers could be taken around disused mills in Manchester to experience the cultural diversity of Europe.

The idea for the subsidised tours is the brainchild of Antonio Tajani, the European Union commissioner for enterprise and industry, who was appointed by Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister.

The scheme, which could cost hundreds of millions of pounds a year, is intended to promote a sense of pride in European culture, bridge the north-south divide in the continent and prop up resorts in their off-season.

The man literally claims that tourism is a right.  But let’s not give him too much credit by assuming he’s an idiotic idealist. Tajani is a product of one of the most comically corrupt governments in the Western world—that of Silvio Berlusconi.  This declaration is mostly an excuse for governments to subsidize the tourists industry.  Getting people on their vacations is a side effect of that funneling of taxpayer cash.

I think the EU should solve both their problems at once.  Send all the young people and pensioners to Greece so that they can tour and simultaneously see the massive economic collapse that awaits all social welfare states.

Posted by Hal_10000 on 04/23/10 at 10:52 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 04/23/10 at 12:06 PM from United States

This is such a great idea.  How about all of you kick in $50 for my next dive trip to Honduras?  I mean, these things cost me up to $2k/week, and I’d rather not have to deplete my bank account for my entertainment

I’ll post (maybe) a few of my better dive pictures for you to enjoy in return for your generosity....

Posted by InsipiD on 04/23/10 at 03:18 PM from United States

My blood is boiling.  I work for a living, and I’ve not had a “vacation” to do anything other than visit family on holidays since 2002!  Further, I’m not looking for anyone else to pay for one for me.

To top this off, anyone who has ever taken a history class that was worth taking would know that there is no “European culture” as such (only many individual ones), and any study of it only reveals why they hate each other and often get all shooty about it.  After all, it was just a little misunderstanding that finished in 1918 after which Europe has been just as happy and peaceful as can be.

Posted by on 04/23/10 at 03:36 PM from United States

Gasp!  You mean Europeans aren’t all enlightened, progressive, well-educated and tolerant with an expert’s grasp on history and able to speak to the nuances of why practicing genocide on those people that dress odd on the other side of any given mountain range may or may not have been acceptable?

Must be why my friends in Spain think of themselves as being “European” well after they consider themselves as being Spanish.

Posted by HARLEY on 04/24/10 at 08:24 AM from United States

Send all the young people and pensioners to Greece so that they can tour

the Last time the Europeans did something similar it cost billions and billions of $$$ and millions of lives.

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