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The Sandy Springs Model

An interesting mini-documentary from Reason.

The Sandy Springs model is not perfect, of course.  Doubtless, contracts will have politics involved.  And while the model works in an affluent suburb, it may have more problems in a big crime-ridden city.  However, the big crime-ridden cities aren’t exactly being run like models of efficiency.  Given the choice of tradeoffs, I know which one looks better.

PS - You know half the reason I put this up is because I grew up in Atlanta and the accents make me feel like I’m home.

Posted by Hal_10000 on 04/14/11 at 05:15 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 04/14/11 at 06:49 PM from United States

My FIL was a founding engineer of CH2MHill’s Seattle offices - they even named a meeting room for him after he retired and passed on.

Posted by on 04/15/11 at 05:46 AM from United States

I spent part of my childhood in Dunwoody…

HAL, that was a trip to see Perimeter Mall, the King and Queen buildings behind that guy, hehehe

Posted by TheEvilCapitalist on 04/16/11 at 09:23 PM from Australia

Is it just a coincidence that the mayor happens to look a lot like Margette Thatcher?

Posted by TheEvilCapitalist on 04/16/11 at 09:25 PM from Australia

Bah.... damn preview. Margaret.

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