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The Silencing of Dissent
by Lee

Californians, those from the Bay Area in particular, love to run around patting themselves on the back regarding their belief in free speech.  They have the communist America-hating Pacifica Radio Network, they stage a protest every five seconds, and they all have these snazzy yellow “NO WAR” bumper stickers on the backs of their Volkswagens.  They’re really big on free speech, and like Tim Robbins they believe that their dissent is being silenced by the conservative, pro-war, Pro-Bush media and their allies in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  Well, here’s an example of just that kind of silencing of dissent, from a little city about 15 miles north of where I live.

Tim Bueler recently received some unusual advice: His principal and a campus police officer suggested that he stay home from his California high school for a few days.

They feared for his safety because Tim, the founder of Rancho Cotate High School’s new Conservative Club, said he had received threats from other students after writing an article for the club newsletter calling for a crackdown on illegal immigration.

The 17-year-old junior says that stance inspired threats from which teachers have refused to protect him. Some faculty members even started a public campaign against his group, which seeks to promote “the pillars of the Bible, patriotism and conservative beliefs as balance to the mostly liberal viewpoints of teachers,” according to its newsletter, “The Conservative Agenda.” ...

Tim said teachers have also joined in the name-calling. One called Tim a Nazi, while another described the club as “a bunch of bigots.” In a parody of the newsletter, biology teacher Mark Alton called on students to “take a stand against the neoconservative wing-nuts who call themselves Americans.” ...

With about 50 members, the club has hosted speakers from the Eagle Forum and National Rifle Association.

Now, if this were a left-wing student in, say, Texas, whose bleeding heart anti-war club was being “silenced” by a group of fundamentalist Christian teachers, the media would be all over it.  (As of this writing a Google News search for Tim Bueler turns up virtually nothing.) Michael Moore himself would be wailing in a new Mike’s Message about how the neocon juggernaut is rolling over the individual free speech rights of a poor, hapless teenager.

Also, take a look at the letters to the editor page from the local area newspaper.  We have one woman who supports the club, writing, “It was a delight to read front page news about our county’s youth trying to achieve varied viewpoints on all subjects being taught in our public schools. It was brave of all those mentioned here because in this county these students are truly in the minority.” Then we have a man who is all too typical of the type of fascist lunacy that passes for thought in this part of the country.

EDITOR: I find it shocking that local high school students have been seduced by the myth of a liberal bias in public education, and have embraced a conservative agenda. To what end? God, guns and country? What are the parents of these children thinking? This is the time in their lives for kids to open their minds to new ideas, and not shut out that which someone has told them has a liberal bias.

It is the responsibility of our public schools to educate children, and to expose them to new ideas—in other words, to liberate their minds. If this were not so, then I would expect the teachers at Rancho Cotate High School to be lecturing on subjects such as, “The Earth is Flat,” “Women Should be Barefoot and Pregnant” and “Negroes are Inferior.”

I fully support the Rancho Cotate Conservative Club’s rights under the First Amendment, but I also suggest that “God, guns, and country” are poor substitutes for reading, writing and arithmetic.


There you have it, folks.  Anyone who does not fully subscribe to the leftist agenda is an ignorant bigot.  Conservative beliefs are equated with the world being flat and Negroes being inferior.  And this idiot, in the very same letter, pooh-poohs the idea that there is a liberal bias in area schools.  I live in this area.  Trust me, there is a liberal bias in EVERYTHING.

Also, later on in the page we have a letter from a woman talking about courage.

True, it takes guts to go to war, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. The decision of whether or not to fight is a question of morals rather than courage. It’s not about being afraid to die; it’s about being afraid to kill. It takes just as much courage to be like the “hippies” Leah refers to and stand up to an unjust draft that violates inalienable free will as it does to volunteer to fight for what one believes is right.

This is such a typical leftist move, one that is exemplified by Michael Moore and his ilk.  When the left, in their pathological hatred of America and its traditional values, spouts anti-American bile, we conservatives rightly call then unpatriotic.  So the left, not really having much of an argument to counter that assertion, simply redefines what patriotism means. 

Here is another example, where some gutless cowardly hippie scum refuses to answer the call of his country.  This is not brave, and it damn sure isn’t brave when compared to someone who is willing to go and fight and possibly die.  So, rather than admit that they’re simply pacifist cowards with no will to fight, they attempt to redefine what bravery is. 

“Holding a placard and chanting ‘Hell no, we won’t go’ is just as brave as diving on a hand grenade to save 9 members of your platoon.”

“My dad did two tours in ‘Nam as a Navy SEAL.  What did yours do?”
“Well, he hung out in San Francisco, smoked dope, burned the American flag, caught herpes, lived on a commune, didn’t bathe, and fathered me illegitimately.”
“Wow!  Both our fathers were equally courageous!”

Northern California.  “Freedom of speech, just watch what you say.”

Posted by Lee on 12/30/03 at 06:22 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


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