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The Starbursts Chamber

It seems the Palin crusade is hitting a few rough patches these days.

A seemingly unending series of public relations gaffes has Sarah Palin loyalists frustrated and worried she is diminishing her stature. And they blame an inner circle they say is composed of not-ready-for-primetime players.

Interviews with Alaska and Washington-based GOP political professionals who are familiar with the Palin operation describe the governor’s team as a gang that couldn’t shoot straight, a staff whose failure to execute basic political maneuvers too often entangles the governor in awkward and embarrassing situations that could have easily been avoided.

The state of confusion is compounded by two separate Palin spheres that don’t communicate with each other, one based in the governor’s office and another based in the D.C.-area, where Palin’s political action committee is located—and the incongruous presence of a high-profile Democratic trial lawyer among her political advisers.

The lawyer, John Coale, is a former supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign who became a Palin confidante as his wife, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, interviewed the former GOP vice presidential nominee and her family numerous times during and after the election.

Their presence around Palin has become Topic A among many of her allies as well as other Republican insiders who are mystified as to why an anti-abortion rights conservative who ran against Washington elites is now turning to a pair of capital insiders for counsel.

A well-heeled personal injury lawyer, Coale has been a major Democratic donor. It was his suggestion that Palin create a PAC to pay for travel and avoid ethics complaints in Alaska.

Coale told POLITICO he first met Palin during his wife’s taping of a September interview with the Alaska governor and explained that he was “extremely pissed off at the way Hillary was treated” and believed Palin was being subjected to the same “sexist” treatment. Coale ultimately endorsed McCain in the 2008 campaign.

“I’m just a friend of hers. I’m not on her staff and I’m not paid,” Coale insisted.

He said he and Palin “email back and forth about once a week.”

A former Palin aide said Coale “was positioning himself for this gig from the first interview,” always there with his wife when she would sit for what were invariably friendly sessions with the governor.

Another former Palin ally still in touch with the governor was blunt when asked to explain Palin’s missteps since the election: “Taking advice from Greta and her husband,” said this source.

Yeah, Mrs. Clinton was treated so badly she became Secretary of State. This is what you get when you have ex-PUMAS on your team. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear Fox News was part of a conspiracy to derail Palin’s plans for 2012. But I don’t think they’re that smart. On the other hand, the people who, at this point, still think Palin is somehow going to be the savior of the GOP are in fact this dumb.

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 03/29/09 at 04:41 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 03/29/09 at 07:19 PM from United States

...savior of the GOP are in fact this dumb

No, not “this dumb”, this crazy assed out of their mind stupid.

Posted by josparke on 03/29/09 at 08:02 PM from United States

We all think you’re dumb, and it has nothing to do with Palin. The people that like her have a lot more credibility than you, who thought Obama was going to the the saviour of conservatism.


Posted by on 03/30/09 at 08:54 PM from United States

Just to make a comparission:

You are a savior of RTFTLC simply because more people comment to say how much they dislike you, your style and your choise of tpoics than anything Hal has to say. No matter how intelligent or well thought out his topics.

You and Lee should be so proud.

Posted by josparke on 03/30/09 at 09:04 PM from United States

This “starbusts” think is stupid. He takes one thing Rich Lowry wrote and no one even cared about and remembers. Plus “Sphincter” WVR is someone that we can quote as saying “I get a tingle in my sphincter everytime I hear Barack Talk”.

Posted by HARLEY on 03/30/09 at 09:17 PM from United States

as i was saying at the end of th election Palins star will wain, and set.
in 2 years shell be a nobody in national poltics.
so all of you that are in a tither about Sarah, calm the fuck down she’ll be fucking gone in time.
PLEASE WVR WTF?  teat starburts shit is stupid.

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