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Turkeys and Drumsticks 2009

The last couple of years, I’ve given out my awards for “Turkey of the Year” (2008, 2007).  The idea of the award is not to slam political/cultural figures who are the most harmful or the most dangerous, which is why I won’t be tagging Obama or his Congress.  No, the idea is to acknowledge those whom are the most deserving of mockery, those whose non-stop silliness makes the world go around and give punch lines to talk show hosts.

Be sure to pony up your nominees.  But my 2009 Turkeys of the Year are:

1) Mike Steele.  I was very bullish on Steele when he was tapped to head the Republic Party.  However, from embarrassing attempts to appeal to young people, to a web page that quickly became a running gag to a Republican purity test that consists entirely of things Republicans oppose—no solutions to any problems—he’s been ineffective at best.  He’s even losing the party to the Palin wing, having let them blow NY-23.  Barack Obama represents the biggest challenge conservatism has had in forty years.  Steele is not up to the challenge.

2) Glen Beck: Thank you so much, Mr. Beck, for becoming a national joke.  Thank you for constantly responding to Obamaism in the most hysterical and Godwin’s Law-afflicted prose.  To be fair, you should share this reward with Fox News, who, by editing footage of past protests into recent ones, is slowly trying to make true every hysterical liberal accusation ever made.

3) The Clinton State Department:  From the “reset” button to a protocol office that can’t seem to decide whether Obama should shake the Japanese Emperor’s hand or suck his dick, they’ve been an ongoing laugh track.

4) Sarah Palin: From her bizarre resignation to her dicey relationship with the truth, she is coming to represent everything that’s wrong the GOP.  A “genuine American” who is as phony as a three-dollar bill.  And please, Sarah, could you stop using the baby as a prop?

5) Andrew Sullivan: I still read his blog, which is always interesting and relevant.  But I need to set my browser to filter out all Sarah Palin posts.  His bizarre vixation upon her and her uterus would make Ahab say, “Whoa, dude.  You watched Oprah? Let it go.”

Dishonorable Mention: Elliot Spitzer, Carrie Prejean, Michael Moore, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, Obama celebrity videos, the Mainstream Media, Joe Biden, Henry Louis Gates and James Crowley, the twerps caught up in ClimateGate.

However, it shouldn’t all be cynicism here.  In past years, I’ve also given out Golden Drumsticks to those who have me proud to be an American.  This year, I could really give it to the American people, who are paying closer attention to our government than the media whose job it is and who are weathering the economic storm with more grace, dignity and perseverance than a whole army of politicians.  But I’ll focus my kudos to:

1) The American Fighting Man.  They don’t care who is in Washington or what the politics are.  They continue to fight with courage, restraint and honor.  When history looks back, the US Armed Forces will stand taller than the Roman Legions.  The Fort Hood massacre was a stark reminder of how they represent the best of the nation.

2) Kimberly Munley and Mark Todd: These are the two civilian cops who stopped Nidal Hassan. And the amazing thing is that we have thousands of cops out there who would have faced down a killer with equal skill and courage.

3) George W. Bush: Yes, I’m as surprised as you are.  But he has been quiet in his post-presidency, unwilling to offer all but the most oblique criticism of his successor.  And his quiet and unpublicized visit in the wake of the Fort Hood tragedy was everything an ex-President should be.  I have the feeling that this will be a trend and that as bad a President as he was, he will turn out to be just as good an ex-President.

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone.

Posted by Hal_10000 on 11/25/09 at 03:30 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 11/25/09 at 06:31 PM from United States

So how did Conservatives “blow” NY-23? By preventing a Liberal Republican who would have voted no differently than the Democrat?

Someday I hope you will figure out the fact that this is why the RINOs and “Moderates” you think will save the GOP are hated by conservatives. Because when it comes down to it, they will vote to fuck over their own party’s principles if it comes down to the wire. 

Seriously,you are becoming W. Virginia Rebel part 2 of this blog!

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 11/25/09 at 07:20 PM from United States

Well, from W. Virginia Rebel 1:

Golden Turkey Awards

1.) Arlen Specter. I can respect Joe Lieberman more because he at least became an Independent. Specter was fairly useless as a Senator to begin with, but this just showed why.

2.) William Jefferson. All that cold, hard cash gone to waste.

3.) The Balloon Boy parents. Throw the book at ‘em for causing unecessary risk to volunteers and rescue workers who tried frantically to save their “Lost kid”.

Golden Drumsticks

1.) Democrats who had the guts to go against their party on Obamacare.

2.) Iranian pro-democracy protesters. While our lefties complained about the lack of free speech during the Bush years, these people risked (and in some cases, gave) their lives this year in the face of real opression.

3.) The hackers who blew the whistle on the cooked books in the climategate scandal.



Posted by on 11/25/09 at 07:45 PM from United States

Golden Turkey Awards

Anyone who is still pushing this AGM bullshit, you know who you are.

Golden Drumsticks

Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe.
and Hannah Giles, again.

If any explanation is needed please communicate by gobbling your question.

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL.

Posted by Hal_10000 on 11/25/09 at 08:22 PM from United States

Doh!  I’d forgotten about Specter.  I’m in PA now, so he’s *my* problem.

Posted by HARLEY on 11/25/09 at 09:05 PM from United States

Golden Turkey Awards
The Economic Stimulus of 2009
the only thing it stimulated was the checkbooks of Obamas and Democrats friends.

Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University, United Kingdom
The Stan Pons and Martin Fleischmann for the 21st Century.

Islamic Militants
Still cowardly pig screwing terrorists.

The Obama Administration,
Making Jimmy Carter look smooth since Jan 20, 2009.

Golden Drumsticks

The US Service Man
Kicking ass since 1774.

For looking to to things that the MSN will not look at.

Neal Boortz
Inducted into the radio hall of fame, and taking Democrats AND Republicans to task for their action, and lack therefor of.

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 11/25/09 at 09:31 PM from United States


Golden Turkeys

Eric Holder

Aside from whether or not KSM should be tried in a civilian court, this has bad timing (and politics) written all over it.

The people behind the Air Force One flyover photo-op that scared half of Manhattan.

Rush Limbaugh

This might have been his year to shine at CPAC, but buying into the birther BS only moved him further to the fringe.

Phil Spector and OJ Simpson, finally getting their just rewards.

Golden Drumsticks

The captain and crew of the Maersk Alabama, and the Navy SEALS who saved them.

Parents who weren’t afraid to get their kids vacinnated in this year of Swine Flu.

Glenn Beck. He may be over the top sometimes, but he deserves credit for educating viewers about the Constitution.

The Tea Party and Town Hall protesters. There were some haters in the crowds. But most were ordinary Americans genuinely and sincerely upset about where we’re headed. Protests aren’t just for leftists anymore.

Posted by on 11/25/09 at 10:09 PM from United States

My Turkeys

1. Congress - bad bailouts, abominable health legislation that will potentially doom our economy for decades and decimate the quality of health care.
2. Paul Krugman - how one man can be so wrong so often, I’ll never know.
3. Obama supporters - why aren’t you holding his feet to the fire on the War and ongoing constitutional violations?
4. Al Gore - nuff said.
5. Obama - seems like a nice enough guy...who’s in way over his head.

My Drumsticks

1. Ron Paul - yeah, he’s a bit off sometimes, but he’s still the only guy in congress with integrity.
2. Peter Schiff - one of the the only guys who continues to understand the true economic situation.
3. Captain Sully/FO Skiles - the epitome of quiet, professional dignity. Job well done, gentlemen.
4. Veterans/Soldiers - here’s hoping they can come home soon.
5. The Chicago Blackhawks - season is shaping up nicely.

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 11/25/09 at 10:29 PM from United States

Turkeys Cont’d

Chris Dodd

The California State Legislature

Rod Blagojevich

The judges in the Pennsylvania kids-for-cash scam

Drumsticks Cont’d

Chris Christie

The folks at CERN for getting the Large Hadron Collider up and running.

Posted by Hal_10000 on 11/25/09 at 11:58 PM from United States

The people behind the Air Force One flyover photo-op that scared half of Manhattan.

I’d forgotten about that.  That has to be the dumbest move of the entire year.

Posted by AlexinCT on 11/26/09 at 09:20 AM from United States

I’d forgotten about that.  That has to be the dumbest move of the entire year.

Considering how many choices there are related to this current administration, I am inclined to say you are letting them off easy Hal. Frankly the biggest pile of shit isn’t all the money they flushed down the toilet (and right into their own pockets), nor the whole man made global warming kabuki dance that continues on even as the curtain was pulled down to show the world how big the lie was, but the massive campaign of lies and deception to fool so many Americans into thinking that this government healthcare money and decision making takeover is to benefit them. The common theme seems to be huge lies, a complicit media that propagates and covers for the lies, a massive rape of the citizenry (the productive ones), and an expansion of power for these craven crooks. It’s as if they stopped trying to just do those things that get you in hel,l and decided to bring hell to us all.

Stop insulting turkeys by comparing them to these vultures.

Posted by on 11/27/09 at 12:09 PM from United States


Glen Beck: For making everyone who doesn’t agree with Obama an idiot.

Obama: For arguing that a fee is in no way related to a tax.  And his superiority complex in interviews that if you disagree, it’s your fault that you don’t understand what you’re talking about.

Ron Paul: When he, a doctor, starts believing in evolution, then we can talk.

James Randi: For fighting the good fight against the anti-vaccination crowd, and his recent calling out of the latest ‘miracle recovery’.

Lifetime Turkey Award:
Truthers: It’s not nobody doesn’t want you to ask questions, we just expect you TO LISTEN TO THE ANSWERS.

Scientologists: I’m sorry if we offend you by not charging people to tell them about Xenu.

New York State Politics: If it wasn’t for Chicago, we’d be number one on the corrupt list.  Thanks Chicago!

Posted by on 11/27/09 at 04:59 PM from United States

Oh, almost forgot one, a Turkey for Fox, for canceling King Of The Hill to make room for more Seth MacFarlane.

Posted by on 11/27/09 at 07:22 PM from Germany

Seriously,you are becoming W. Virginia Rebel part 2 of this blog!

Absolutely ridiculous. Hal has constantly has severly criticized leftist ideology on a regular basis.

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