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Update on the UK Coalition

Who would have thought that a Tory-Lib Dem coalition would produce this:

One hundred and seventy-seven taxpayer-funded bodies are to be abolished under Coalition plans seen by The Daily Telegraph.

A further 94 are still under threat of being scrapped, four will be privatised and 129 will be merged, according to a Cabinet Office list compiled this week, while 350 other bodies have won a reprieve.

The list discloses for the first time the extent of David Cameron’s plans for the “bonfire of the quangos”, designed to save the taxpayer billions of pounds. Thousands of jobs will go as part of the reforms.

Under the Labour Party, the number of quasi-non-governmental organizations soared to over a thousand, with over 100,000 employees and 65 billion pounds of expense.  The coalition has already dumped 80 of them.  If they go all the way, that means 40% of these bodies would be abolished within the first year or so of the Coalition.  And almost all of them will claim that they serve some legitimate purpose and help the greater British public.  None of them will admit to being useless or redundant.

This is what budget cuts look like, my friends.  Get familiar with it.  One day, it will have to come here.  The question is whether it will be before or after we drive into a fiscal brick wall.

While I am not happy with the UK government’s plan to have paychecks funneled through government for taxation (see Alex’s earlier post), I am really liking the coalition in the UK in most other respects.  National ID cards are being dumped, the surveillance state is being rolled back, civil liberties are on the mend and the government is serious about cutting spending (although rumors that they plan to gut science budgets are bit alarming).  The GOP isn’t where the Tories are, yet.  But there’s hope.

Posted by Hal_10000 on 09/24/10 at 06:38 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 09/25/10 at 09:40 AM from Germany

I hope our own “Progressives” are looking at this in utter terror....

Posted by West Virginia Rebel on 09/25/10 at 08:32 PM from United States

Coalition politics can have its benefits. I think it also helps that liberal and conservative mean different things in Britain (as they do in most of the rest of the world, which tends to be based on European-style politics) than they do here.

Posted by akeela on 09/25/10 at 10:01 PM from Philippines

this site is very informative on current events.. and u posted a good one


Posted by on 09/26/10 at 01:42 PM from Germany

I wouldn’t get your hopes up that this is based on some sort of political ideology… this is us hitting the fiscal brick wall…

As for the centralised tax thing - its something that comes up every few years or so..

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