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Vengeance Is Mine
by Lee

I blogged on this story once before, but it got lost in the server crash.  At any rate, remember that story about the pedophile inmate who got his forehead tattooed?  It turns out that the instrument of vengeance was a relative.

An inmate accused of forcibly tattooing a slain 10-year-old girl’s name onto her killer’s forehead in an Indiana prison was the victim’s cousin, a family friend said.

Jared Harris, 22, is a cousin of Katlyn “Katie” Collman, family friend and spokesman Terry Gray confirmed to The Republic newspaper. He said he did not believe they knew each other well.

Harris, 22, who is serving time on a burglary conviction at Wabash Valley state prison in Carlisle, has been charged with battery and is accused of tattooing “KATIE’S REVENGE” across Anthony Ray Stockelman’s forehead.

Harris told prison officials the attack was in revenge, according to an affidavit.

Stockelman is serving a life sentence after pleading guilty to abducting, molesting and killing the fourth-grader, who lived about 70 miles south of Indianapolis. She was missing for five days before her body was found Jan. 30, 2005, in a creek about 15 miles from her home.

The affidavit said that prison officials transferred Harris to the same prison wing as Stockelman on Sept. 19, three days before the attack, and that Harris subsequently threatened Stockelman’s life several times.

Harris slipped into the open cell Stockelman shared with another prisoner on Sept. 22 and, when Stockelman returned, Harris closed the locking cell door, according to the affidavit.

Stockelman told investigators that Harris put his right hand around his throat and told him, “I’m either gonna stick you and leave you bleeding or I’m gonna tattoo you.” After applying the tattoo using a makeshift tattoo gun, Harris discarded the device in a trash can, he told investigators.

You’ll have to forgive me for not shedding a tear.

Posted by Lee on 10/29/06 at 11:57 PM (Discuss this in the forums)


Posted by on 10/30/06 at 01:53 AM from United States

Wonder if he, also, put one of those cute little signs on his back? Something like, “Please gang rape me.”

Posted by mooresucksass on 10/30/06 at 03:39 AM from United States

THey should drastically reduce Harris’ sentence as a reward for his deed

Posted by InsipiD on 10/30/06 at 08:21 AM from United States

Oh, I shed a tear, but it was the kind of tear you get at the end of watching Rudy, without a hint of sadness.

Posted by on 10/30/06 at 09:20 AM from United States

Seems like justice was served.

Posted by on 10/30/06 at 12:05 PM from United States

There is a certain degree of hypocrisy in a guy who got arrested for burglary (which often hurts man a child’s family) feeling that he has moral high ground on another violent criminal. All violent criminals are really the same when you get past the superficial differences.

Posted by on 10/30/06 at 11:15 PM from Australia

All violent criminals are really the same when you get past the superficial differences.

mmmm, let me think, would I rather have my child kidnapped, rape and murdered orrrrrr have some lowlife steal my dvd player.

call me superficial, but I’ll go the DVD.

Posted by on 10/31/06 at 07:19 AM from United States

Ok, I’ll call you superficial since what you said had nothing to do with what I said, but you seem to think it does. By committing burglary, he lost his honor and there is no honor among thieves and violent criminals.

And… speaking as someone who was mildly molested at 9 years old and bears some scars from that now at 23… I still regard a cold-blooded murderer as wholey worse on every count as the person who did that to me. There are criminals worse than child molesters.

Posted by on 10/31/06 at 07:21 AM from United States

The guy who did in that little girl deserves execution. This sort of thing is just cheap prison “justice” crap. A civilized society would honorably and cleanly execute someone like him for his murder of the little girl after raping her. That said, the reason I have contempt for her relative is that there is less distance between him and his cousin’s murderer than between him and normal people in society.

Posted by on 10/31/06 at 07:59 AM from United States

I have to stand up for the rule of law on this one.

As much as I hate to say it, Anthony Ray Stockelman had already received his sentence, in accordance with the law, and it didn’t include getting tattooed across the forehead by a vigilante.

Now, that’s not to say that Stockelman didn’t deserve it in my mind, but I don’t get to make up the rules as I go along. I’m actually glad it happened, but Jared Harris doesn’t really deserve a medal for it. He didn’t have the right to do it, and he was on the wrong side of the law for doing so.

....just if branding and/or tattooing was legal and wouldn’t be considered cruel and unusual punishment....then, I’d be all for it.

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